Statement from Huntington University Faculty and Staff Concerning the Racial Challenges Facing the Nation

Racism is not a Christian value. Racism is antithetical to our faith and our tradition as a United Brethren in Christ denominational school. Huntington University stands for Truth. The truth is that all people are created by God with equal inherent and eternal value. In Scripture, we are commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves. We cannot be silent when the lives of African Americans in our communities are being disproportionally threatened, challenged, and harmed every day throughout this country.

We call on the people of God to unite to end racist behaviors, policies, and practices in our communities. We ask God to forgive us for any part that our words, our actions, or our silence have played in contributing to a narrative that supports or promotes the types of abhorrent actions that continue to be displayed too frequently across our nation. We ask for God to give us a new heart and a renewed mind to stand for righteousness in a world that diminishes people’s importance because of the color of their skin. 

May all of God’s people be affirmed as we stand together for Truth.

- Huntington University