Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: This guide is for general information and is never to be used as a substitute for Federal Immigration Rules and Regulations. Huntington University disclaims any and all liability from reliance upon this general information. 


How do I know when I can enter the United States? 

Students can enter the U.S. up to thirty days before their program start day. Since these dates differ between non-athletes and student-athletes, refer to your I-20 for verification. You will see the Earliest Admission Date, Program Start/End Date, and Start of Classes information listed under the “Program of Study” section. 


Where can international students find additional scholarship opportunities? 

Several organizations offer additional scholarship opportunities! Be sure to research each scholarship before applying. Remember, a trustworthy organization will never require payment to be considered for a scholarship. 

Institute of International Education

International Education and Financial Aid



I don’t qualify for federal student aid, but I’m not an F-1 student. Are there other scholarship options? 

There are still scholarship options available for students of varying statuses. The Following scholarship applications are available to DACA, TPS, and undocumented students. 

Golden Door Scholars

Immigrants Rising 

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund


What are the meal plan options? 

Meal Plan A, which includes 20 meals per week, is required for all first-time freshmen living on campus. All other students may remain on Meal Plan A or select Meal Plan B instead, which includes 15 meals per week. Finally, upperclassmen living in Forester Village, Miller Hall, or Meadows Hall may select Meal Plan C, which includes 5 meals per week. While commuters are not required to select a meal plan, they are able to select any option if desired. 


Can I have a car on campus? 

Yes! All students can have a car on campus after receiving a $25 parking pass. HU’s DSO will help students with this process, but information can also be found through Study in the States.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for all Huntington University students while here in the U.S. You will automatically be enrolled in the comprehensive Huntington University international student health insurance plan underwritten by Pan American International Insurance Corporation (PAIIC).

The Huntington University health insurance plan features the following:

  • An annual accident/sickness benefit maximum of $500,000;
  • $0 deductible per insured person, per policy year;
  • Covered expenses will be paid at 100% In-Network (AETNA PPO) and 80% Out-of-Network;
  • Prescription drugs are covered at 50% at a participating in-network pharmacy, or covered at 100% if in-patient in the hospital;
  • Mental Health treatment is covered at 100% in-network with a $20 copay per session;
  • Intercollegiate Sports accident coverage up to $10,000 for Student Athletes
  • The cost of the plan will be automatically added to your Student Account each semester:


    Fall Semester

    August 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023

    Spring Semester

    January 1, 2024 – July 31, 2024




    Student Athlete




    Please keep a copy of your ID Card at all times and bring it with you to the doctor so the bill gets paid by the insurance. You will be emailed your ID card from at the beginning of the semester (check your spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox). If you need to re-download your ID card, you can request another copy here:

    You can view the status of your claims as well as your Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) on the ACI claims portal. You will need to create an account by following the instructions on this step-by-step guide.

The Huntington University plan uses the Aetna PPO network. You can look up nearby Aetna in-network providers through the directions on your ID card, or by visiting this website. The Parkview Health network near campus is the closest in-network provider.

Prescription Drugs are covered at 50% at a participating in-network pharmacy such as a MinuteClinic/CVS. You will need to pay out of pocket and submit for reimbursement by sending your itemized bill to

For further questions, you may contact the Claims Administrator, Administrative Concepts, Inc. (ACI), directly toll free at (888) 293-9229 for finding providers, confirming coverage, submitting claims or assistance with any claim questions—you will need to say you’re a student from Huntington University and reference your policy number (#14521622). For other general inquiries, please contact Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk at Please also review this FAQ document.

Here is a 5-minute video which gives an overview of the U.S. Healthcare System.