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Research in the Centre for Non-Western Studies (CNWS) primarily comprises scholars working in aspects of Asian, African, Middle Eastern, Atlantic, and Caribbean worlds, as well as scholars of European empires. The CNWS research events are designed to allow resident academics and students to engage in active discussions about powerful historical and contemporary issues.

Previous Roundtable Events

    • Katherine Mansfield's Critique of the 'Modern Woman' by Dr. Todd Martin
    • Jews, Synagogues, Pirates and Curses in Ancient Cilicia by Dr. Mark Fairchild
    • A Faustian Folly: Churchill, America, and Vietnam by Dr. Tim Smith
    • The Rise of the East: Is the sun setting on the American economic empire? by Professor James O'Donnell
    • Ordering Chinese: How English Teachers in Southern China Rank the Relative Importance of Traditional Chinese Values by Dr. Luke Fetters
    • Race, Gender, Feminism, and the Case of Edwidge Danticat by Dr. Todd Martin

Student Essay Contest Winners

    • Jeniece Regan
    • Bronwen Fetters
    • Andrew Wickersham
    • Stephanie Morin