No one can “search too far or be too well-studied in the book of God’s word or in the book of God’s works,” said Francis Bacon, who like other early scientists saw no conflict between pursuing both a life of faith and a career in science. Many of the founders of the scientific revolution were devoted Christians who were not interested merely in the “how” of nature, but also sought to understand the “why.”

Degree Options

Huntington University offers chemistry degrees for students who plan careers in research and industrymedicine, or education. A biochemistry track is available for students interested in the health professions or biotechnology, and an accelerated pre-pharmacy track is also available..

A minor is available in environmental science.

Our faculty also teach a series of courses for future nurses.

Distinct Advantages

At Huntington University, you’ll have opportunities which are not available at larger universities. Importantly, your classes here will not be taught by “graduate assistants,” but rather by exceptionally credentialed full-time professors.

As a chemistry major at Huntington University, you will have ready access to high-tech equipment and well-stocked labs.

Experience Counts

You will have opportunities to study off-campus, partner with your professors on important research projects, or land an internship at one of the Midwest's leading chemical or pharmaceutical research labs.