Chemistry Education


Prepare for education or graduate study

As you study the building blocks of the world through chemistry, you will not only grow in your own understanding of chemistry, but you will gain the training and skills necessary to educate the future generations. You have the opportunity to help expand young minds by exploring the tiniest fragments of God’s world. HU’s outstanding education program pairs with our equally impressive chemistry program to give you the background you need and prepare you for career flexibility.


    Chemistry Education Curriculum

    In addition to your core education courses, you will also engage with essential chemistry curriculum, allowing career flexibility for either industry, as well as a teaching career or graduate study in chemistry and education. From early on, you will gain hands-on training in the classroom through observation and participation hours, followed up by your student teaching. As you graduate, you will be licensed to teach grades 5-12 in chemistry, as well as grades 5-9 in middle school science.

    Take Courses Like:
    • Principles of Chemistry
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Quantitative Analysis
    • Instrumental Analysis
    • Introduction to Education
    • Education of Exceptional Learner
    • Science Curriculum & Methodology
    • Topics & Problems in Education

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