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Everyone Communicates — Learn to do it well.

Communication is a multifaceted and essential skill that permeates into all areas of life. Everyone communicates, but only some communicate well. At HU, you can immerse yourself in this crucial area of study that will prepare you academically, professionally, and personally. With broad application, the study of communication will help you in any area of life, regardless of profession.

At Huntington University, our Christian liberal arts setting puts us in a unique place to explore every aspect of communication. Get ready to grow in:

  • developing leadership skills
  • articulating through public speaking
  • relating to new perspectives and ideas
  • facilitating conflict resolution
  • solving problems and finding solutions
  • encouraging team building

Communication Majors & Minors


You might be a future communications professional if…

If you have a knack for public speaking, the ability to “read the room”, and a desire to be an advocate for reconciliation, diving into the world of communication is a good fit for you.

As you study communication at Huntington University, you will be equipped with a solid set of foundational skills that span many industries—including your personal relationships. From nonverbal communication to public speaking; conflict studies to crisis management; cross-cultural communications to writing journalistic news stories, the more you learn, the broader your reach will be to leave a positive impact through communication.  

These skills will serve you well, whether you pursue a career in business, public relations, event planning, marketing, or something else.

Career Opportunities
  • Business reporter
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Copywriter
  • Brand strategist
  • Social media manager
  • Event planner
  • Public relations specialist
  • Digital strategist
  • Journalist
  • Human resources manager
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Huntington University is dedicated to providing several paths for financial assistance as you invest in your education and future. Each student’s financial aid package is unique and complements our competitive tuition. Online tools are available to help you calculate your investment. 

Christ-Centered Focus

In addition to providing you with a nationally-recognized education, we aim to help you experience the cross-section between faith and education. Discover who God wants you to be alongside a close-knit, Christ-centered community. When you’re at HU, you’re home.

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