TESOL/EL Certificate

The TESOL Certificate (for non-education majors) or the certification in teaching ELs (for education majors) is a total of 15 credit hours. For students wishing to minor in TESOL, additional coursework is added to the certificate to total 22 credits.


Students wishing to minor in TESOL complete the TESOL / EL certificate plus additional coursework to total 22 credits.

Master of Education in TESOL

Huntington University's Institute of TESOL Studies offers a Master of Education designed for educators who teach speakers of languages other than English. The TESOL Education track is designed for people working in any field, and you do not need to be a licensed teacher to participate.


The Institute for TESOL Studies offers certification in teaching English Learners (ELs). Individuals working in education, missions, ministry, social work, international business, and numerous other fields benefit from earning their TESOL Certificate or state certification in teaching ELs.