Find Your Voice

Competitive Edge: Writing majors occupy a unique place in academia because they combine writing, reading, creative expression, and critical thinking. They are able to integrate knowledge and share ideas in a way that is thoughtful and engaging. Become a writing major and add your own words to the ranks of all the novels and stories and poems you have always loved to read.

Individualized attention.

Our small class sizes mean your professors will know you and likely recognize your writing style. As a result, they will know how best to help you improve while staying true to your unique voice.

Small classes also enable us to hold workshops in most of our writing classes, so you will receive peer feedback and get to help others with their writing.


The writing major prepares you for writing careers with classes in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and history and structure of the English language.

In other words, with a lot of writing and workshopping, you should be able to tackle any genre of project that may come your way in the future. By the time you are an upperclassman, you will be ready to explore the area that most interests you a little deeper. 

The Pen Is Mightier

Whether you become a professional writer or a banker, learning how to present information in a fresh way is vital to success in the working world.

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The English department has agreements with the communication department and our film program so that English students can take newswriting and screenwriting classes that will count as core or elective classes for the writing major.

Since Huntington University is a small school, departments will often work together. For example, a story you write could turn into a screenplay that becomes a film student’s junior film project!

Ability to shape the world.

Writers have a unique way of looking at the world. They must examine the minutia of life to depict the most accurate characters possible. They are interested in understanding not only what a characters do but how and why they do what they do.

After compiling much observation, questioning, and a dash of their own experiences, they share the story of humanity’s plight — its joys, sorrows, struggles, and victories — with the world.