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More than 1.7 billion people in the world currently learn and use English worldwide, and for more than 2/3 of those people English is not their first language. The continued increase of English learners worldwide has led to an increased need for qualified English teachers. 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is a rapidly growing field. TESOL courses equip students and professionals for English teaching overseas, in U.S. schools, in community or church-based ESL programs, through social work organizations, and in nonprofit outreach to immigrants, refugees, and English learners born in the U.S.  

Cost – Program Length

•    Undergraduate certificate tuition rate: $402 per credit hour
•    Graduate certificate and master’s degree tuition rate: $443 per credit hour
•    Certificate completion in 8 months 
•    Master in Education completion in 20 months 
•    Master of Arts in Ministry completion in as little as 24 months

Registration Deadline

•    Registration deadline: August 10, 2022
•    Next program launch: August 29, 2022
•    Registration requires an online application and supplemental materials based upon the program you choose. Email or call (260) 359-4296 for more details. 

Why TESOL at Huntington University?

Huntington University offers three TESOL programs tailored to match your time availability and future goals. With the convenience and flexibility of online learning, you can meet your goals from anywhere.  

If you are looking to add credentials to your current career or degree program, a TESOL/EL certificate will open doors for you for a 15-credit-hour commitment. Certificate coursework will also enable current licensed teachers to add EL as a content area to their teaching licenses.  

If you are considering a master’s degree, we offer TESOL concentrations in both Master of Education and Master of Arts in ministry degrees. The online Master of Education in TESOL is ideal for teachers (or future teachers) who want an in-depth knowledge of TESOL curriculum and intercultural communication, while the Master of Arts in ministry and TESOL will prepare you for intercultural ministry around the world.   

Alumni Stories

Jonah and Rebecca Francis have a storybook tale of love, learning, and teaching. They completed the TESOL program together while teaching in Warsaw Community Schools. It wasn't long before their shared love of teaching ELLs, Spanish, and mission turned into love for each other and brought them together as husband and wife. After earning their TESOL certifications from Huntington University, they left the U.S. for a new adventure together as a married couple in Honduras. 

"We are really excited to have daily opportunities to share the gospel with kids who come from a variety of backgrounds and also give them hope for a better future with a quality bilingual education,” said Rebecca. “ESL training will be a valuable component of our teaching, since every student we have will be an English Language Learner! We are excited to see how both we and our students will grow."

TESOL/EL certification doesn't always lead to marriage, but it does usually lead to love - love for learning, love for teaching, and love for your students.

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multiple students sitting in a classroom earning tesol degree multiple students sitting in a classroom earning tesol degree
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