Teaching English Learners

The TESOL Certificate (for non-education majors) or the certification in teaching ELs (for education majors) is a total of 15 credit hours. There are four three-credit courses and a three-credit practicum. For students wishing to minor in TESOL, additional coursework is added to the certificate to total 22 credits. An accelerated evening format is also offered to students through the HU's Adult Degree Programs

TESOL Certificate/ Certification in Teaching ELs (15 credits total)

Typical schedule of TESOL / EL courses offered

Additional Practicum Information

The length and duration of the practicum experience varies widely depending on context. All students must complete a 120-hour practicum, comprised of teaching hours, materials preparation, grading, and observation. Most education majors opt to complete their EL Practicum and their Multicultural Practicum at the same time over the January term (approximately 2 ½ weeks) of their Junior year. Others complete their TESOL / EL Practicum by joining ITS’ annual summer trip to China. This is also a 2 ½ week experience, and includes teaching primary and middle school Chinese students, as well as working with Chinese teachers of English. Still other students may choose to complete a TESOL / EL Practicum locally by working with ELs in Fort Wayne or another nearby city. Any number of local or foreign opportunities exist, ranging from a couple weeks to a couple months, depending on the student’s interest, schedule, and partner organization.