ITT Transitions

The Huntington University community is committed to serving you well while you consider your options during this time of transition.

Experience the Huntington University Difference 

  • HU has been serving northeastern Indiana since 1897
  • The Enterprise Resource Center provides connections for internships and preparation for the job search
  • Friendly transfer policies and the availability of federal and state aid provide a great value

How will my previous college work transfer?

Huntington University will accept transfer work from ITT as long as it is college level and you have earned at least a C- or above. To find out how those credits can lead to a Huntington University degree, apply today and have your official ITT transcript sent to Huntington University.

What degree programs are available?

We offer over 70 majors on our campus in Huntington that include popular programs like nursing, education, business, and animation. We offer accelerated online programs (and one night per week in Huntington) including business, ministry, and psychology.

When can I start?

Online and accelerated programs start every five weeks, and the next opportunity on the Huntington campus begins in January.

What about financial aid?

This one is easy, YES! As a former ITT student you have options. Some aid availability is based upon which program you choose to pursue. Our Director of Financial Aid has over 30 of years of experience and can help you make the right choice for you.

How do I get started?

Contact one of our transfer student liaisons: