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At Huntington University, we recognize that you might be interested in a business path completely different from your classmates, and we celebrate that. The department offers a multifaceted approach to business, giving you the ability to customize your route to a degree. Whether you prefer management and marketing, or accounting and economics, there is a curriculum that meets your needs. 

In addition to seeking growth and profit, you will learn how to approach business thoughtfully, recognizing your role as stewards of resources. Your time in the business department will include: 

  • practicing business communication

  • networking with professionals

  • simulating start-up ventures  

  • understanding resource management

  • preparing for certification exams 

  • developing effective strategies

Business Majors & Minors

HU students in the business department are led by business professionals, with 100% of full-time faculty having experience in the nonprofit or for-profit sector.
UB Launch, an enterprise of Huntington University, offers 24-hour access to business students looking to rent office space for their business ventures.
Since 2005, small businesses in the United States have created 8.7 million net new private sector jobs, making a future in business a lucrative career option.

You might be a future business professional if…

Whether you’re interested in starting your own business, or contributing to the success of an existing one, this is where you want to learn. 

As you study business at Huntington University, you’ll be given plenty of real-world opportunities to grow your network and understand which facet of the business world you’d like to pursue. With simulation learning, you can put your strategies to the test. If you have a dream, your courses at HU can help you develop a business plan to turn it into a reality. 

From thoughtful stewardship to dynamic leadership, you’ll see the intersection between profit and generosity and how that can shape your future. 

Career Opportunities
  • Financial Advisor
  • Credit Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Owner/Entrepreneur
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Auditor
  • Operations Manager
  • Budget Analyst
  • Event Manager
  • Marketing Manager
Maddie LeBlanc
Marketing (2023)

Throughout my four years at Huntington, the business department felt personalized to me. With every class I took, I got to know my professors more, and they got to know me more. Getting personalized help, advice, and mentorship made it easy to feel at home and appreciated. Every internship I got was recommended and encouraged by my professors and advisors, and they followed up with questions about how it was going and what they could do to help through the semester. The business department weren’t just teachers I saw every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; they were guides and friends during my four years at Huntington. The knowledge I learned from them as people and through the classes I took with them, I am taking with me as I move on into life beyond college.

Business professor Brock Zehr
Dr. Brock Zehr
Assistant Professor of Business and Director of the MBA Program

I believe we can worship God through our work and how we practice business. I hope I can share wisdom from my experience, God’s Word, and best business practices to prepare students for successful, fulfilling careers in business.

Cindy In’t Groen
Management and Marketing (2020)

I decided to major in business because there’s so much that can be done within this area. I don’t know what my future holds – God hasn’t shown me yet – but I love helping others. I hope whichever path God leads me, I will be able to glorify Him in all that I do.

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