Master of Education in Early Adolescent Education

The Master of Education in Early Adolescent Education program is designed for middle school teachers. Five options are available: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Generalist (for teachers of music, art, foreign language, PE, industrial arts, and other content areas). Course papers, projects, and presentations are focused on each teacher's specific content area and grade level. Coursework can be completed in as little as 18 months.

The master of education in early adolescent education program requires the completion of 32 semester hours, including a common core of the courses listed below

  • ED 599: Action Research Methods
  • ED 525: Differentiated Instruction for the Inclusive and Diverse Classroom
  • ED 520: Classroom Management
  • ED 631: Current Issues in Early Adolescent Education
  • One elective from among
    • ED 577: Integration of Technology in the Classroom (required in the absence of demonstrated technological proficiency)
    • ED 580ED 589

Students pursuing Early Adolescent Language Arts Education will also complete

  • ED 632LA: Theory and Pedagogy in Early Adolescent Language Arts Instruction
  • ED 633LA: Critical Readings in Early Adolescent Language Arts Education
  • ED 634LA: Curriculum Design for Early Adolescent Language Arts Education
  • ED 635LA: Field-Based Research Project in Early Adolescent Language Arts Education

Students pursing Early Adolescent Math Education will also complete

  • ED 632M: Theory and Pedagogy in Early Adolescent Math Instruction
  • ED 633M: Critical Readings in Early Adolescent Math Education
  • ED 634M: Curriculum Design for Early Adolescent Math Education
  • ED 635M: Field-Based Research Project in Early Adolescent Math Education

Students pursuing Early Adolescent Science Education will also complete

  • ED 632SC: Theory and Pedagogy in Early Adolescent Science Instruction
  • ED 633SC: Critical Readings in Early Adolescent Science Education
  • ED 634SC: Curriculum Design for Early Adolescent Science Education
  • ED 635SC: Field-Based Research Project in Early Adolescent Science Education

Student pursuing Early Adolescent Social Studies Education will also complete

  • ED 632SS: Theory and Pedagogy in Early Adolescent Social Studies Instruction
  • ED 633SS: Critical Readings in Early Adolescent Social Studies Education
  • ED 634SS: Curriculum Design for Early Adolescent Social Studies Education
  • ED 635SS: Field-Based Research Project in Early Adolescent Social Studies Education

Student pursuing the Master of Education in Early Adolescent Generalist education will also complete

  • ED 632G: Theory and Pedagogy in Early Adolescent Instruction
  • ED 633G: Critical Readings in Early Adolescent Education
  • ED 634G: Curriculum Design for Early Adolescent Education
  • ED 635G: Field-Based Research Project in Early Adolescent Education

Program Completion Requirements

Multicultural Experience Requirement
Assessment of Progress
Final Evaluation