Summer Online FAQ

How can I find out which classes are offered?

Click for a PDF of all our summer online courses

Can I find more information about these classes?

Course descriptions, prerequisites and more are found in the university catalog.

How do I apply to take a summer online course?

For non-degree students:
If you have not applied to the undergraduate program at Huntington University and you do not intend to pursue a degree at Huntington, you should apply as a non-degree student. If you intend to transfer the course to your home institution, be certain to complete the transfer approval process there to be certain the course will transfer and fulfill a requirement in your program

For degree-seeking students:
If you do intend to complete a degree at Huntington University and have not applied yet, apply online and select either the first-time freshman or transfer student application.

If you are already a Huntington University student or have been accepted for fall semester, you already are admitted and may enroll in classes.  New students must contact the registrar’s office at to enroll. Continuing students can register themselves on the campus portal or contact the registrar’s office for help.

All new students (high school early entry, transfer, first-time freshmen and non-degree students) must contact the registrar’s office at for help registering for classes.

What is summer tuition?

Summer tuition for 2015 is $358 per credit hour for face-to-face and online classes. Practicums and internships are offered at a reduced rate of $170 per credit hour.

Is financial aid available in the summer?

Financial assistance is sometimes available but is determined by your particular situation. Contact the financial aid office for more information about whether you qualify at for more information.

How do online classes work?

Huntington University’s online courses are asynchronous. That means there is a set of assignments due every week and you can submit them at any point before they are due. There is not a time when you must be at your computer to participate in the class. You can complete the work on your on schedule so long as you meet the deadlines.

Do I have to come to campus if I take an online class?

No, all of the work can be completed at a distance. A few classes may have a test that can be taken on campus but alternative arrangements can be made to have the test offered where you are.

Can high school students enroll?

High school juniors and seniors in good standing may take some online courses provided they meet high school early entry admissions requirements and satisfy any prerequisites for the course.  Students who have not graduated from high school may pay the reduced high school early entry tuition

How do I register for my summer class?

If you are a continuing student at Huntington University, you may either register yourself through the campus portal or contact the registrar’s office at Huntington University for assistance at

If you will be a new student at Huntington University, contact the registrar’s office at to ask to be registered.

Can I audit a course?

No, students must take online courses for credit.

Did we answer your question?

If you need additional information contact the registrar’s office at Huntington Univeristy.
(260) 359-4011 or via fax at (260) 359-4086