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To submit a transfer application, you must have already completed 12 or more credit hours of college coursework at a regionally accredited university after graduating high school. Transfer students who have earned less than 12 transferable semester hours will be evaluated based on high school work in addition to college work completed.

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Transfer Application Process

  1. Complete your online application.
  2. Request all official college transcripts and have them sent via the Parchment app or electronically to You can also mail them to:

    Huntington University Attn: Office of Admissions
    2303 College Avenue
    Huntington, IN 46750

    Once they are received, applicants are notified by mail of their application decision -- it’s that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which of my credits will transfer?

Huntington University accepts two types of transfer credits:

  1. Direct Equivalency: The course is equivalent to a specific course at HU and fulfills specific coursework requirements for admission and/or your plan of study
  2. Undistributed Credit: The course does not match a specific course for the degree of interest but will be brought in as a general credit that can be used to satisfy elective requirements in your program.
How do I request a Transfer Credits Evaluation?

Contact your transfer admissions counselor to request an official transcript evaluation. The registrar's office will evaluate your transcript(s) to determine which of the classes you’ve taken can qualify for credit at HU and send the results via email. If the class was taught at a regionally accredited institution and you earned a C- or better, it is eligible for consideration. Please note: 

  • Some degree programs may have additional requirements.
  • HU considers nationally accredited institutions on a case-by-case basis.

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Do transfer students receive scholarships?​

Our Transfer Academic Award maximum is $11,000 per year, but transfer students can be awarded according to our Freshman Academic Awards program if their high school transcript qualifies them. Transfer students who wish to be reviewed for a Freshman Academic Award must send an official high school transcript to Huntington University. HU will award transfer students the highest academic scholarship for which they qualify based upon transfer and high school GPA. 

Can I live off campus?​

All full-time, single students must live on campus unless they are 22 years of age (prior to the first day of classes in the fall or spring), married, or living at home with their parents at the family’s primary residence, provided that residence is within 70 miles from campus.  Students who are 24 years of age or older will not be permitted to live on campus, although exceptions may be made for international students.​

What summer courses do you offer?

Huntington University offers two types of summer courses: in-person and online. Click here to learn more click here!

Summer Course Opportunities

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