Alumni Connections

“Where to go to college?” can be a daunting question to many students. And paying for a college education today is a significant family undertaking. Before committing time and dollars to our particular school, you may understandably want to know, “What can I hope to do with a Huntington University degree?” A very fair question!

No one can answer just what you will do with a degree from any school, but we can give you an idea of what some Huntington graduates have done. Listen to the words of a few:

I am certainly blessed to have been able to attend Huntington. Coming from a secular high school and now being in a secular graduate school makes me appreciate the Christ-centeredness of Huntington so much more. As an economics and finance/management major, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of faculty. It was an incredible blessing to have Christian professors who were not only interested in seeing me succeed academically, but who wanted, more importantly, to equip me to be salt and light in the business world. Academically, my business education has equipped me to excel in whatever the Lord leads me to do, even to study law. - Chad Pryor, ’06, Graduate Student pursuing J.D. from Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis, Indiana

Obtaining a degree from any university is a tremendous accomplishment. Obtaining life and business skills needed to succeed in today’s business environment is priceless. Huntington provided me with those skills in a way I thought was not possible in higher education – through personal interaction. I had no doubt that all of my professors cared for me as a person and wanted to see me reach my full potential and succeed. I am where I am today because of all the life lessons I learned both inside and outside the classroom, and I am forever indebted to the faulty for their impact on my life. - C.J. Mills, ’05, Assistant Vice President, Client Services, American Specialty Insurance and Risk Services, Roanoke, Indiana

The business classes at Huntington University help you focus on all of the fundamentals needed to succeed in the business world while always keeping in mind the Christian perspective which is so greatly needed in all business fields. - Walter Burgin, ’04, Clifton Gunderson, LLP, Indianapolis, Indiana

Huntington University has provided me with the academic tools as well as the spiritual tools in order to be able to live out in the secular world. I am currently at a secular university, and seeing what things are like at a bigger university makes me appreciate Huntington that much more. Huntington’s small class sizes make one-on-one help readily available; and the teachers are very concerned with their students’ educational, as well as personal, well-being. The professors made me feel as if I was very important in their lives. - Ben Eggleston, ’04, Graduate School pursuing MA in Mathematical Finance, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

I am very thankful for the education I received at Huntington. HU provided me with problem solving skills that I was able to take to graduate school and the workplace. These skills were taught to me by professors and coaches at HU and are something that I use every day on the job. Having these skills allows me not only to make job-related decisions but also to make faith-based decisions in the workplace. - Michelle (Hart) Thompson, ’03, CPA, Clark, Schaefer, Hackett and Co., Dayton, Ohio

Huntington is blessed to have both strength and depth in its business faculty; not just for a University or a university of its size, but for a University/university of ANY size. I am indebted to the faculty at Huntington for the time and talent that they have invested in my life. The concentrated effort of the business faculty to integrate Christian principles into real-life challenges that its students will inevitably face is invaluable. The faculty not only equip students with the business skills needed to thrive in the marketplace, but also serve as great mentors—something that has continued for me personally even after graduation. - Brandon Schall, ’03, Credit Manager, Ambassador Steel, Inc. Auburn, Indiana

After transferring to Huntington from another Christian institution, I was amazed at the level of expectation placed on each student. These expectations were placed on us, not just as students striving for the best education, but as individuals seeking God in every step. Fortunately, these expectations were accomplished by faculty and staff who truly cared and who were willing to work with every student to ensure success. I am incredibly grateful for the education I received at Huntington. - Amanda Deeker, ’04, Program and Membership Director at the Wabash Country YMCA, Wabash, Indiana