Ann McPherren
Vice President for Strategy & Graduate/Adult Programs / Professor of Business and Economics

McPherren returned to her alma mater to join the business department faculty in 1981. She has also assisted the university in various academic and administrative endeavors serving as assistant to the Academic Dean, department and Division…

Troy Irick
Assistant Professor of Business / Director of Lilly Grant for Educational Collaboration

Not new to the classroom, Irick has over twenty years of teaching in both the traditional undergraduate program and the adult-degree program. Irick also helps in the consideration, evaluation and ultimate formation of for-profit business…

Anita Wickersham
Associate Professor of Accounting and Business

Anita J. Wickersham¬† received her Bachelor of Science degree from Huntington College and her Master of Business Administration from Ball State University. Professor Wickersham is a certified public accountant and worked for several years as…

James O’Donnell
Executive-in Residence / emeritus standing

James M. O'Donnell received his undergraduate degree from Brown University and his MBA from Columbia University. Professor O’Donnell is a certified public accountant and spent many years as an executive in the financial services industry…

Brock Zehr
Assistant Professor of Business

In January 2015, he became an assistant professor of business and economics at Huntington University. Brock completed an MBA degree with an accounting specialization from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2009. He earned his undergraduate…

John Wagner
Network Administrator

John Wagner serves in the role of network administrator having responsibility for overseeing services such as campus e-mail, network storage and printing, the wireless network, and backup/recovery.