Visiting Executive Seminar

The Visiting Executive Seminar (VES) program at Huntington University was founded in 1993. Its mission is to provide a place where regional business leaders and Huntington University students can come together to reflect upon important issues of life, work, and faith. Key to the mission of Huntington University is the "integration of faith and learning"—taking learning off the pages of textbooks and helping students incorporate that learning into the bones and muscles of their lives.

In the attempt, the VES also helps the adults who attend each seminar, some who are still working and some who have retired, to return to a classroom setting for a few hours, to enrich their minds and feed their souls as they help students explore the integration of Christian values into issues of business and culture.

Who Should Attend?

Two principle audiences are the focus of the VES. First, the local community and those already connected to the university, with whom the program intends to provide a forum for teachers, business professionals, and college students to meet, come to know one another, and explore a variety of current issues affecting one’s work life today from a Christian perspective. Second, to the community outside the college, not yet connected to its work, VES serves as an outreach of education, cultural enrichment, and a witness of the work, grace, and thought of God’s people in the everyday business world.

When Are Seminars Scheduled?

Visiting Executive Seminars have been held twice a year, in the spring and fall, each year since 1993. Topics have ranged widely, from “Finding Balance between Work and Home” to “Capitalism and Christianity,” from “Investing with a Conscience” to “Voting with a Conscience.” The seminars last for a morning, from about 8:30 a.m. to noon and are far less about advocating a particular viewpoint than with encouraging discussion, reflection, and debate.

If you would like to influence young people’s thinking; if you enjoy a good discussion and (sometimes) challenging reading materials; if you would like to help in the integrative work of Huntington University, we hope you will consider attending a Visiting Executive Seminar at Huntington University.

How May I Get Involved?

For registration information about our next Visiting Executive Seminar, contact Peg DeBolt at (260) 359-4068.