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Admission to the Education Department

Freshman Year: 


  • Meet State requirements for Admission
    • ACT score of 24 or higher (Math, Reading, Grammar, and Science)
    • SAT Critical Reading and Math score:
      • 1100 or higher prior to 03/01/2016
      • 1170 or higher after 03/01/2016

Sophomore Year:

  • Make sure you have an adviser in the Education Department.
  • Enroll in Introduction to Education ED212
  • Apply to the Teacher Education Program
  • Complete a criminal background check
  • Interview with members of the Teacher Education Committee (TEC)
  • TEC will look at your
    • GPA (2.5 or higher)
    • CASA scores (see below) or State requirements as stated above
    • recommendations
    • and interview results
  • TEC will meet to decide each applicant's status:  accept, defer, or reject

Junior Year:

  • Check with the Education Department secretary if you have doubts about your acceptance status in an education program.
  • Enroll in elementary junior block courses or secondary major courses and Secondary Methods and Curriculum
  • Register to take the Indiana Core Assessment (both Content and Pedagogy tests). You must be registered to take the Indiana Core Assessment tests prior to being placed for Student Teaching.
  • Apply to Student Teach
  • Enroll in Multicultural January Term course

Senior Year:

For more complete program requirements see the Education Department Student Handbook.