Feb 19

“Be A Teacher” Day


Cross Training, Skilled Professionals

As an elementary and special education major, you will be prepared to teach in both special education and regular classrooms. You will receive rigorous training in education while gaining comprehensive experience in a series of courses, field experiences and, of course, student teaching during your senior year.

Extensive Classroom Experience

At Huntington, you will gain specifically designed skills for special education majors that will give you hands-on, practical experiences every semester. You will complete a three-week, full-day practicum in a multicultural school in Fort Wayne as well as observation and participation hours in the actual classroom before you ever begin student teaching. Our elementary education program also includes an eight-week field experience during the junior year. At Huntington, you will gain wide exposure to different grade levels and styles of teaching and learning.


As a special education student, you will be able to obtain a license for Exceptional Needs: Mild Intervention in grades K-6. In keeping with our mission to “impact the world for Christ,” you will learn how to show God’s love through tested teaching techniques, thereby encouraging special needs children, their parents and their teachers to see the ways that these special youngsters can be part of the body of Christ and have value and success in this world.

Huntington students have a very high rate of passage on state competency tests. Our NCATE-accredited program is specifically designed for students who wish to obtain an Indiana teaching license. Reciprocity agreements with other states help our graduates find employment all across the country. Along with being NCATE accredited, our program is also nationally recognized by NCATE.