Visual Arts Education


The Bachelor of Science degree in art education prepares students to become successful educators of exceptional skill and unique, creative thought. It is well suited for those excited to share their passion for art with other learners. 

The visual arts education program is designed for students who wish to obtain a P-12 visual arts teaching license. Graduates of Huntington University’s art education program are heading up successful art departments and classrooms across the state of Indiana and throughout the country. Most graduates are extended full-time offers within a month of graduation.

Though many prefer to teach in school settings, other art education graduates are employed in related fields, such as community art center education and museum education. Reciprocity agreements between Indiana and other states help graduates find employment nationwide. 

A Foundation in Knowledge

The art education program at Huntington University provides a solid foundation in studio art, curriculum planning, visual arts standards, and teaching methods. As an art education major, you will study art history and complete studio coursework in addition to taking courses in visual arts teaching methods and art education foundations to prepare to teach art in today’s art programs and assist in making the transition from art education theory to professional practice. You will explore hands-on practical experiences in several semesters prior to student teaching. Students gain experience through practicums, practice hours, and numerous observations of different grade levels, learning environments, and teaching styles. 

Huntington students have a very high rate of passage on state education competency tests. Our NCATE-accredited program is specifically designed for students who wish to obtain an Indiana teaching license. 

Matt Ackerman
Art Department Chair at Huntington North High School, Huntington IN Art Education. 2012

The vast array of studio classes in the Department of Art & Design greatly prepared me for what lay ahead of me in my teaching profession. The high standards asked of me by my art professors at Huntington University is something I continue to set with my students so they have confidence and knowledge to pursue any medium or subject when they leave my art room.