Feb 19

“Be A Teacher” Day


Comprehensive Courses, Field Experiences

If you desire to become an effective elementary teacher, Huntington University has a program for you. Our curriculum features a comprehensive series of courses, field experiences, and of course, student teaching during the senior year.

But student teaching will not be your first experience in the classroom. At Huntington, you will gain hands-on, practical experiences on a regular basis. Students in the elementary program complete a three-week, full-day practicum in a multicultural school in Fort Wayne. Our elementary education program also includes an eight-week field experience during the junior year. At Huntington, you will gain wide exposure to different grade levels and styles of teaching and learning.

Elementary education majors are eligible for State of Indiana teaching licenses in K-6 elementary education.

Choose Your Concentration Area

The Indiana Department of Education requires Elementary Education majors (beginning with Summer 2013 graduates) to have either a minor or a concentration in an additional content area. These do not add additional teaching certification to the Elementary license. There are five special concentrations from which Elementary Education majors may choose. Any Elementary Education major completing one of the Dual Licensure programs (Special Education, English as a New Language, and Middle School Education) described in the following sections is exempt from the minor/concentration requirement, since they are already completing additional course work in another content area.

Non-Teaching Content Areas

Huntington students have a very high rate of passage on state competency tests. Our NCATE-accredited program is specifically designed for students who wish to obtain an Indiana teaching license. Reciprocity agreements with other states help our graduates find employment all across the country. Along with being NCATE accredited, our program is also nationally recognized by NCATE.