Raymond Porter
Agricultural Studies Program Director / Associate Professor of Agriculture

Dr. Porter joined the Huntington University faculty in 2015. He holds a Ph.D. in plant breeding with minors in entomology and international agriculture from Cornell University, a Master of Arts in science & religion from Biola University and…

Jessica Baggerman
Assistant Professor of Agriculture

Dr. Jessica Baggerman joined the Huntington University faculty in 2017. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Oklahoma State University in 2012, her Master of Science from Texas Tech University in 2014, and her Ph.D. in 2017 from…

Bruce Evans
Professor of Biology / Department Chair

Dr. Bruce D. Evans received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology in 1985 from the University of Charleston, W.V., and a PhD in neurobiology in 1991 from Emory University.

Collin Hobbs
Assistant Professor of Biology

Dr. F. Collin Hobbs earned his PhD in ecological and evolutionary biology from Indiana University in 2013, and joined the faculty of Huntington University later that year. Prior to his graduate work he received a Bachelor of Science in…

Troy Irick
Assistant Professor of Business / Director of Lilly Grant for Educational Collaboration

Not new to the classroom, Irick has over twenty years of teaching in both the traditional undergraduate program and the adult-degree program. Irick also helps in the consideration, evaluation and ultimate formation of for-profit business…

Anita Wickersham
Associate Professor of Accounting and Business

Anita J. Wickersham  received her Bachelor of Science degree from Huntington College and her Master of Business Administration from Ball State University. Professor Wickersham is a certified public accountant and worked for several years as…