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Standing on the shoulders of those who have come before us, mathematicians, engineers, and developers can rely on proven theorems, formulas, and data to help shape their career—and you can follow in their footsteps. With Christ as the foundation, your professors will help you see the intersection of faith and science, instilling careful reasoning, problem-solving skills, and how mathematical thinking is central to nearly every modern industry. 

At Huntington University, our Christian liberal arts setting puts us in a unique place to explore every aspect of mathematics and computer science. Get ready to grow in:

  • developing problem-solving skills
  • building a foundation of mathematical thinking
  • applying math to practical applications
  • understanding related mathematical fields
  • growing in careful reasoning
  • gaining practice in being task-oriented

Mathematics and Computer Science Majors & Minors


You might be a future mathematician if…

As a natural problem solver, you remain cool under pressure, knowing you can often use science and data to reach a solution. This analytical and systematic way of approaching life gives you the ability to creatively and empathetically meet real needs in the world.

As you study mathematics and computer science at Huntington University, you’ll be met with opportunities to channel those skills through both academic and experiential learning. Our program is as rich as it is rigorous, and our graduates are bringing their skills to both the public and private sectors which make use of the mathematical sciences.

Career Opportunities
  • Data Analyst
  • Actuary
  • Game Designer
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Banker
  • Math Educator
  • Statistician
  • Accountant
Alexandria Maris
Mathematics Education (2021)

“One of the reasons that I chose Huntington was because right when I walked on campus I knew it was going to be home. The Christian atmosphere was just what I was looking for, along with the class sizes, not to mention that I get to continue my athletic career, too!”

Dr. Kevin Drury
Associate Professor of Mathematics

“I want to share my passion for mathematics with students and instill that same passion in them. I want to help [math majors] make the transition from classroom mathematics to professional mathematics through mentored undergraduate research projects.”

Dr. Andrew Hoffman
Associate Professor of Mathematics

“After completing the program, students will have an industry-ready engineering degree, a mathematics degree to set them apart from their peers, and a liberal arts background to round out their skill sets. We expect this program to prepare not just engineers but leaders in the engineering field.” 

Dr. Jeffery Lehman
Professor of Computer Science / Department Chair

“We are pleased to be offering an ABET-accredited electrical engineering program to our students at Huntington University. The University of North Dakota has a long history of teaching electrical engineering students remotely. 

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Huntington University is dedicated to providing several paths for financial assistance as you invest in your education and future. Each student’s financial aid package is unique and complements our competitive tuition. Online tools are available to help you calculate your investment. 

Christ-Centered Focus

In addition to providing you with a nationally-recognized education, we aim to help you experience the cross-section between faith and education. Discover who God wants you to be alongside a close-knit, Christ-centered community. When you’re at HU, you’re home.

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