Bible and Theology


Gain a biblical and theological foundation

As you study Bible and Theology at HU, you will be provided with a solid foundation in Scripture with an understanding of the history and theology of the Church. This degree will help you interpret Scripture in its historical-cultural context, develop a thoughtful and systematic theology to guide you in life, see connections between theology and other fields of study, and apply Christianity in today’s cultural context. If you plan to attend graduate school or seminary, this program will give you the preparation to take your next steps after graduation.


    Bible and Theology Curriculum

    This unique and flexible major enables you to design a course of study that meets your individual interests and needs. With interdisciplinary components requiring you to take religion courses in other departments such as English and History, you’ll benefit from a well-rounded and multifaceted understanding of biblical theology. This program is excellent preparation for seminary and graduate school, and also offers you the opportunity to study abroad in Israel at Jerusalem University College during your junior or senior year.

    Take Courses Like:
    • Old Testament
    • New Testament
    • Biblical Interpretation
    • Systematic Theology
    • History of Christianity
    • The Pentateuch
    • Poetic and Prophetic Literature
    • Biblical Archaeology
    • Topics in Theological Studies

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