Christian Ministries

The Path to Your Future

If you would like to be able to

  • develop a better understanding of the Bible and of religious thought
  • develop the skills necessary for interpretation of the Bible
  • deepen your faith in God
  • prepare for a more effective service to Christ

then perhaps you should take a look at a Bible and Religion major with a concentration in Biblical Studies.

Students in the Bible and Religion major at Huntington University choose one of two concentrations: Biblical studies or theological and religious studies. Though both concentrations provide a solid foundation in scripture, they each have a different area of focus.

Preparing You for a Career

The biblical studies concentration may be used as a terminal degree, preparing students for employment in church and parachurch agencies by achieving a level of biblical literacy that will enable them to be active in lay church leadership and teaching ministries. As an initial degree, the biblical studies concentration prepares students for seminary training or graduate work in theology and related disciplines.

Students majoring in the biblical studies concentration are provided the option of including a semester of study in Israel at Jerusalem University College in either their junior or senior year. By taking an approved list courses, they can receive credit for 15-16 semester hours toward their Bachelor of Arts degree and will also be given credit for one of the three required January term experiences.

The Biblical Studies program consists of 36 credit hours, including:

  • Old Testament I
  • Old Testament II
  • New Testament I
  • New Testament II
  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Three hours from Religions of the World, Contemporary Religious Thought, Religion and Scientific Thought, Philosophy of Religion, Topics in Theological Studies
  • Nine hours from The Pentateuch, Old Testament Poetic Literature, Old Testament Historical Literature, Old Testament Prophetic Literature, Gospels, Epistles, New Testament History & Prophecy, and Exegetical Greek
  • Nine additional hours of elective chosen from Bible and Religion courses