Academic Research Forum Addresses Controversial Topics

Huntington University’s Student Senate is hosting its annual Academic Research Forum on Wednesday, April 15, at 3 p.m.

The forum provides students across disciplines with an opportunity to present on topics related to their majors. Presenters are nominated by their professors to speak on their topic. Some of the presentation subjects include sentencing for rapists, gender assignment, prevention of school shootings, women and makeup, racial profiling, Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the legalization of medical marijuana.

The event is located in Dowden Science Hall and is free and open to the public. Presentation timeslots and room assignments will be posted in the science hall lobby.

Presenters and topics include:

  • Luke Batdorff, a senior mathematics major from Bluffton, Indiana; “Shor’s Quantum Factoring Algorithm”
  • Niles Berry, a junior social work major from Rochester, Indiana; “HB1533 Minimum Sentences for a Rapist”
  • Emily Carbaugh, a senior biology pre-med major from Orbisonia, Pennsylvania; “Intersex, Ambiguous Genitalia, and Gender Assignment”
  • Jonathan Carhart, a senior graphic designer major from Bloomfield, Nebraska; “Mirrors Typeface”
  • McCaylen Croninger, a senior business management major from Archbold, Ohio; “Beyond the Barrel: What Youth Ministers and Parents Can Do to Prevent School Shootings”
  • Brandi Girod, a junior social work major from Monroe, Indiana; “HB1379 Child Abuse Training”
  • Jillian Fetters, a senior communication studies major from Huntington, Indiana; “Personality Assessments of Women Wearing Makeup”
  • Bronwen Fetters, a senior English writing and literature major from Huntington, Indiana; “Pivotal and Puzzling: The Indian Boy in A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
  • Sydney Frandsen, a senior computer science major from Grand Ledge, Michigan; “Fair Division”
  • Isaiah Gerber, a sophomore English writing major from Ossian, Indiana; “Unity apart from Society: A study on the correlation between Religiosity, Religious Camaraderie, and Social Dominance Orientation”
  • Jordan Gregory, a junior theatre performance major from Warsaw, Indiana; “TV and Turmoil: The Invention of the Television”
  • Rebecca Grimes, a junior social work major from Saline, Michigan; “HB1284 Racial Profiling”
  • James Handtke, a senior biology pre-med major from DeMotte, Indiana, and Kristen Springer, a senior chemistry major from Bluffton, Indiana; “Progress towards the Development of a Novel Aza-Petasis-Ferrier Rearrangement”
  • Alex Hoffman, a senior computer science, accounting and philosophy major from Huntington, Indiana; “God and Time: A Defense of Timeless Eternity”
  • Kayleigh Hohenthaner, a 2014 animation graduate from Shawnee, Oklahoma; “Foundation of Art”
  • Shawn Hudak, a senior communication studies major from Roanoke, Indiana; “Do Women Prefer Sexism? Rating Traditional Sex Roles”
  • Erdal Kulgu a senior computer science and graphic design major from Sirnak, Turkey; “Generous Prayer iOS/Android app”
  • Taylor Martin, a junior psychology and social work major from Anderson, Indiana; “SB101 Religious Freedom Restoration Act”
  • Heather Millington, a junior psychology and sociology major from Fort Wayne, Indiana; “The Impact of Mentorship”
  • Cody Prezbindowski, a senior nursing major from Roanoke, Indiana; “The Reality of Holistic Nursing”
  • Megan Schueler, a junior social work major from Decatur, Indiana; “SB519 Elimination of the Statute of Rape”
  • Preston Shafer, a junior choral music education major from Huntington, Indiana; “Franz Schubert’s Die schöne Müllerin”
  • Jennifer Steele, a junior social work major from Huntington, Indiana; “SB284 Legalization of Medical Marijuana”
  • Andrew Wickersham, a senior history and political science major from Huntington, Indiana; “Containing Strategic Sense: How Ideology and National Image Hindered American Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia (1949-1969)”