2013 GTP and Checksheets

Below are the Guides to Typical Programs and Checksheets.  This is a starting point for students and faculty as they plan out their four year schedule. Your actual program may vary. You may download these files in PDF format.

Section I: Four-Year Baccalaureate Programs

Bible and Religion     Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Biblical Studies BA (GTP) (Checksheet)

Theological & Religious Studies BA (GTP) (Checksheet


Mathematics BA (GTP) (Checksheet

Mathematics - Actuarial Track BS (GTP) (Checksheet

Mathematics - Computational Track BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Mathematics - Theoretical Track BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Mathematics Education BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Computer Science - Digital Media Track BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Computer Science - Information Systems Track BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Computer Science - Mathematics Track BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Computer Science - Web Development Track BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Biology     Ministry and Missions

Biology BA (GTP) (Checksheet)

Biology BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Biology BS - Pre-Med (GTP) (Checksheet)

Biology Education BS (GTP) (Checksheet)


Educational Ministries BA (GTP) (Checksheet)

Children's Ministry BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Missions BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Recreation & Sports Ministry BS (GTP) (Checksheet

Worship Leadership BS (GTP)(Checksheet)

Youth Ministries BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Business     Music

Accounting BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Management BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Marketing BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Economics & Finance BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Entrepreneurial Small Business Management BS (GTP) (Checksheet)



Music BA (GTP) (Checksheet)

Music with an Emphasis in Business BS - CMC (GTP) (Checksheet)

Music with an Emphasis in Business BS - On Campus (GTP) (Checksheet)

Performance MUSB - Wind, String, Percussion (GTP) (Checksheet)

Performance MUSB - Vocal (GTP) (Checksheet)

Performance MUSB - Piano (GTP) (Checksheet)

Music Education MUSB - All-Grade Instrumental (GTP) (Checksheet)

Music Education MUSB - All-Grade Vocal (GTP) (Checksheet)

Chemistry     Nursing

Chemistry BA (GTP) (Checksheet)

Chemistry BS - General Track (GTP) (Checksheet)

Chemistry BS - Biochemistry Track  (GTP) (Checksheet)

Chemistry BS - Biochemistry Track - Pre-Med (GTP) (Checksheet)

Chemistry Education BS degree (GTP) (Checksheet)


Nursing BSN (GTP) (Checksheet)

Communications     Philosophy

Communication Studies BA (GTP) (Checksheet)

Journalism BA (GTP) (Checksheet)

Public Relations BA (GTP) (Checksheet)


Philosophy BA (GTP) (Checksheet)

Digital Media Arts     Psychology

Animation BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Broadcast-Fusion Media BA (GTP) (Checksheet)

Film Production BS - Los Angeles (GTP) (Checksheet)

Film Production BS - On Campus (GTP) (Checksheet)

Film Studies BA - Los Angeles (GTP) (Checksheet)

Film Studies BA - On Campus (GTP) (Checksheet)


Psychology BA (GTP) (Checksheet)

Elementary Education     Social Work

Elementary & MS Education - Language Arts Dual Licensure BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Elementary & MS Education - Mathematics Dual Licensure BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Elementary & MS Education - Science  Dual Licensure BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Elementary & MS Education - Social Studies Dual Licensure BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Elementary Education - Fine Arts Concentration BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Elementary Education - Language Arts Concentration BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Elementary Education - Mathematics Concentration BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Elementary Education - Science Concentration BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Elementary Education - Social Studies Concentration BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Elementary and Special Education Dual Licensure BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Elementary Education & Teaching English Learners Dual Licensure BS (GTP) (Checksheet)


Social Work BSW (GTP) (Checksheet)

English     Sociology

English-Literature BA (GTP) (Checksheet)

English-Writing BA (GTP) (Checksheet)

English Education BS (GTP) (Checksheet)


Sociology BA (GTP) (Checksheet)

History     Theatre

History BA (GTP) (Checksheet)

Political Science BA (GTP) (Checksheet)

History Education BS (GTP) (Checksheet)


Theatre BA (GTP ) (Checksheet)

Theatre Design & Technology BA (GTP)(Checksheet)

Theatre Performance BA (GTP) (Checksheet)

Kinesiology & Sport Leadership     Visual Arts

Exercise and Movement Science BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Sport and Exercise Studies BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Pre-Athletic Training BS - 3-2 Program (GTP) (Checksheet)

Recreation Management BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Sport Management BS (GTP) (Checksheet)  


Fine Arts BA (GTP) (Checksheet)

Studio Art BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Graphic Design BS (GTP) (Checksheet)  

Visual Arts Education - MS & HS BS (GTP) (Checksheet)

Visual Arts Education - All Grade BS (GTP) (Checksheet)


Section II: All Non-Four-Year Programs and Emphases

English Literature BA Pre-Law Variation (GTP) (Checksheet)

History BA Pre-Law Variation (GTP) (Checksheet)

Philosophy BA Pre-Law Variation (GTP) (Checksheet)

Political Science BA Pre-Law Variation (GTP) (Checksheet)

Pre-Pharmacy - 2-Year Plan (GTP)

Pre-Pharmacy - 3-Year Plan (GTP)

Undecided (GTP) (Checksheet)