The Department of Art + Design is dedicated to producing artists of unique creative thought and outstanding Christian faith. Its program enables students to develop an understanding and appreciation for the meaning of past and present art and design in society, acquire a broad experience in the creative use of methods and materials and attain confidence in their ability to integrate their faith, knowledge and creativity.

The art + design curriculum provides direction and stimulation to student artists as they pursue individualized programs. Students in the art + design program may major in graphic design, fine arts, studio art or art education. Minors are available in graphic design and fine arts. Studio courses include constructive individual and group criticism and discussion. The program is diversified through visiting artists, on-campus gallery exhibits and field trips that expose students to such cultural resources in regional cities. The department sponsors international art-study trips during January Terms on a biannual basis.

All students in the art + design program complete a core of introductory studio courses in each area of drawing, design and painting and complete advanced studios in preparation for a portfolio and/or senior exhibit. All art + design majors and fine arts minors complete courses in art history and criticism, which provide skills for discerning major styles and periods of art and an understanding of the historical role of art as a means of expressing ideas. After completing 15 hours of studio art required for their majors, all art + design majors complete a faculty review process to determine whether they are progressing sufficiently and have permission to continue in the major. Students completing one of the art + design majors are also expected to regularly attend the ongoing art exhibits at the Robert E. Wilson Gallery as part of their participation in the Art + Design Program.

In addition to completing a common core of studio courses, students in the art + design program may major in fine arts for the bachelor of arts degree or major in graphic design or studio art for the bachelor of science degree. A bachelor of science degree with a major in art education is offered for students wishing to obtain licensing in visual arts all-grade (P-12) in Indiana schools.

The common core required of all art + design majors includes AR 111, 141, 142, and 225.

For the fine arts major, students will complete, in addition to the above core, AR 211 (or 311), 265, 276, 325, 331, 356, 365, 371, 376, 381, 485 and 486, to total 48 hours.

For the graphic design major, students will complete, in addition to the above core, AR 211, 241ID, 241P, 241I, 265, 271, 311, 341, 365, 371, 381, 395, 441, 471, 485, 486, 495 (2-4 hours) and six hours from AR 276, 325, and 331, to total 62-64 hours.

For the studio art major, students will complete, in addition to the above core, AR 211, 241ID, 241P, 241I, 265, 276, 311, 325, 331, 356, 365, 371, 376, 381, 485, 486 and 491 (6 hours), to total 60 hours.

The all-grade (P-12) visual art education major requires, in addition to the core, AR 211, 212, 241ID, 241P, 241I, 265, 276, 332, 342, 371, 381; three hours from AR 271, 311, 325, and 365; and nine hours from AR 331, 341, 356, 376, 441, and 471 for a total of 52 hours in art. To complete teacher licensing requirements, students in the all-grade major complete ED 212, 236, 362 or 364, 395, 440, and 450 or 460; SE 232; and PY 111.

A minor in fine arts requires AR 111, 141, 142, 225, 371, 381, and two courses from AR 211, 265, 276, 311, 325, 331, to complete 24 hours in the minor.

A minor in graphic design requires AR 111, 141, 241ID, 241P, 241I, 265, 271, 441, and electives in art to complete 22 hours in the minor.


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