Department of The ABLE Program

The ABLE (Achieving Balance in Life through Education) Program embraces the strengths, needs, and differences of all individuals. It is dedicated to developing, expanding, and improving inclusive higher education options for people with intellectual disabilities. The ABLE program works with young adults with intellectual disabilities in recognizing their strengths, interests, and preferences and provides them with a path to meet their long term, self-driven, personal, and professional goals. In addition, the ABLE program is committed to supporting the education of the campus and community in understanding the potential of individuals with disabilities as full members of the workforce and community.

The program creates opportunities for students to reach the following goals: Increase the students’ social and emotional growth through interactions with typical peers, increase independent living skills through natural opportunities, provide access to educational experiences in the students’ areas of interest, locate work experience opportunities that take into account a student’s strengths, preferences, interests, and needs, and support the student’s family in seeing the student’s potential and aiding in the transition into the workforce.

Students in the ABLE Program will complete 48 credit hours of ABLE Program specific courses:

Daily Living Skills
AB 010 Laundry Skills (four semesters)
AB 015 Nutrition and Fitness (four semesters)
AB 020 Cooking (eight semesters)
AB 030 Caring for Personal Needs (one semester)
AB 035 The Life Skill of Budgeting and Finance (four semesters)

Self Determination and Interpersonal Skills
AB 040 Making Good Decisions (two semesters)
AB 045 Self-Awareness (two semesters)
AB 060 Relationship Roles and Communication with Others (one semester)

Professional/Employment Skills
AB 070 Careers (one semester)
AB 080 Introduction to Work Skills (one semester)
AB 095 Work Experience Internship (eight semesters)

Students also audit two courses in the traditional undergraduate program each semester. These courses are based on a combination of required courses, including MI 285 Understanding the Christian Faith, EX 101 Wellness for Life, SE 232 Education of the Exceptional Learner, and CO 215 Public Speaking and interest-based courses.

Courses in ABLE