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SS 101 Strategies for Success
(1 credit - Fall, Spring)

An introduction to the academic environment and to skills for life-long learning. Students will consider self-motivation and self-discipline in the context of the Christian community. Methods of classroom and textbook study for university coursework will be examined.
Prerequisite: Consent or admission on limited load

SS 102 Guided Studies Program
(0 credits - Fall, Spring)

Determining goals, improving study skills and managing time are stressed; primarily individualized.
Prerequisite: Consent or academic probation

SS 111 First-Year Seminar
(1 credit - Fall)

An introductory course designed to introduce new students to the Huntington environment. The emphasis for the course is the integration of faith and learning. Students are introduced to the technologies, values, and functions of Huntington University and tools for success. Small groups meet for discussion and mutual support with an advising team of a faculty member and an upper-level class student before classes begin. The group continues to meet for the first five weeks of the semester.

SS 113 Exploration: Career and Life Planning
(2 credits - Offered on Sufficient Demand)

This class provides opportunity for students who are undecided about their major or career to discover their skills, abilities, interests and values. Students will conduct a personal assessment and participate in a job shadowing experience in order to make future decisions. This class is guided towards students who are undecided or thinking of changing their major.
Prerequisite: Freshman or sophomore standing

SS 201 Student Leadership Seminar
(1 credit - Fall)

A focus on leadership theory and practice as it relates to the role of the resident assistant (RA). Emphasis will be placed on leadership styles, biblical principles of leading and following and group process and dynamics.
Prerequisite: Limited to students who have been selected as RAs

SS 202 Conversations about Race
(2 credits - Spring Even Years)

This course is designed to provide readings, discussions and personal experiences to help students explore the topic of race, their own racial identity and what race means for relationships on and off campus. Students will also study racism - both personal and institutional - and how it affects individuals and groups in American society. Special consideration will be given to the connections (positive and negative) that exist between Christian faith and race in American society. Students of any major or year may take this course as a general elective.

SS 331 Job Search Techniques
(2 credits - Offered on Sufficient Demand)

This course focuses on the principles of a thorough job search. Topics include creating a resume and cover letter, developing interview and networking skills, and exploring your call or vocation.
Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing