Instructors: Tanner Babb, Rebekah Benjamin, Mary Ruthi

The Psychology Department seeks to provide a curriculum that stimulates the necessary knowledge base and skills for participation in a variety of fields open to the psychology major upon graduation or entrance into a graduate program in psychology. Three primary goals for majors in the program are to (a) create an appreciation for and understanding of the discipline of psychology and the complexity of human behavior, (b) foster critical thinking about the integration of the Christian faith with the discipline of psychology and (c) provide preparation for graduate study or entry-level employment in a psychology-related field.

Students who choose psychology as a major for the bachelor of arts degree complete PY 111, 211 or 215, 321, 351, 375, 381, 382, 461, and 485; and 12 additional hours in psychology, which may include SW 236 and 345. (PY 230 does not count towards major requirements.) Students planning to attend graduate school should take MA 151.

The minor in psychology requires PY 111, 321, and 351; and 13 additional hours in psychology. (PY 230 does not count towards minor requirements.)

For information about requirements for Indiana teacher licensing in psychology, refer to the major in history education. 


Courses in Psychology