Physics is the most basic of the natural sciences. Its domain includes the study of the smallest fundamental particles of nature and the largest aggregations of galaxies in the universe. It is a study of forces and conservation principles. The language of physics is mathematics, and the deepest understanding and the most elegant expressions of physics are communicated symbolically through mathematics.

Physics outlines the fundamental principles on which other sciences are based. A year of college-level physics is a requirement for the bachelor of science degrees in biology, chemistry and exercise science, as well as in some tracks in mathematics and computer science. Medical schools as well as some other schools in the health professions require a year of college-level physics.

Students planning to take PH 211-212 must have MA 141 College Algebra and Trigonometry or math placement, or introductory calculus.

The minor in physics is suspended until the University resumes offering 300 and 400 level courses in physics. Courses in physics numbered 300 or higher will not be offered until further notice.


Courses in Physics