The Philosophy Department offers courses that enable students to grapple with the major issues confronting today’s society in the light of the history of philosophical thought, the methods of philosophical analysis and the Christian world and life view. The major in philosophy is appropriate for students looking forward to professional training or employment in fields that emphasize clarity in detailed analysis. It is particularly appropriate for students interested in such areas as law and theology, as well as those aspiring to a teaching career in philosophy. There are numerous options for combining a major in philosophy with majors in other disciplines.

Students selecting philosophy as a major for the bachelor of arts degree will complete 36 hours, including PL 240, 260, 311, 321, and nine additional hours in philosophy; with the remaining hours selected from additional philosophy courses, BR 331, 333CCT, 333CH, 333PT, 333TB, 341, EN 374, HS 322, 342, 434, MA 205, or other courses approved by the department.

The minor in philosophy requires 23 hours in philosophy including PL 240, 260, 311 and 321.


Courses in Philosophy