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BA 421 Financial Management
(3 credits - Spring)

This course will survey the goals and functions of valuation and the development of financial tools for analysis and control. It will also encompass an exposure to working-capital management, investment decisions in capital assets, capital structure and dividend policies.
Prerequisites: AC 241 or BA232, BA 252, MA150 or MA 151, and sophomore standing at time of registration

BA 473 Market Research
(3 credits - Spring Even Years)

This course presents market research as a key function of business, comparing various research methods and industry practices. This course is focused on the market research process, including problem definition; research design; data collection methods; data analysis; and interpretation, presentation and application of results.
Prerequisites: BA 281 and MA 150 or 151

Centre for Non-Western Studies


Christian Thought and Practice

BT 333TB Theological Bioethics
(3 credits - Spring)

Covers biblical and theological bases for bioethics and develops in students the skills for ethical decision making and action. The course will help students to conceptualize the differences between Christian approaches and general or philosophical approaches to bioethics while introducing students to contemporary issues in biological, health care and medical ethics.
Prerequisites: BT 111 or other introductory Bible course and major in Bible and theology, exercise and movement science, exercise science and nutrition, occupational therapy assistant, or nursing


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Mathematics and Computer Science

MA 321 Number Theory
(3 credits - Spring Even Years)

This course is a survey of elementary number theory and its applications. Students will study primality and divisors, modular arithmetic and the Chinese remainder theorem, continued fractions and Diophantine equations, Fermat's Little Theorem, Euler's phi function, Hensel's lemma, quadratic reciprocity and other essential concepts of number theory. Students will also discuss applications to computer science, including primality testing algorithms and encryption.
Prerequisite: MA 205


Occupational Therapy Assistant

Performing Arts




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PY 391 Psychological Assessment
(3 credits - Fall Odd Years)

An overview of the field of psychometrics. Principles and techniques of test selection, administration and interpretation will be covered. Primary emphasis will be given to measures of intelligence, personality and psychopathology. Methods of test construction and the ethics of testing will also be emphasized. Students will also receive training in the use of a limited number of personality instruments.
Prerequisites: PY 380 (can be taken concurrently) and sophomore standing at time of registration

PY 402 Writing and Research for Publication and Application
(3 credits - Summer)

Upon instructor approval of exemplary work in PY 382, students will advance their research and writing skills by planning, producing and submitting manuscripts for publication. This course includes analysis of professional journals and review of the different types of publications. A more thorough literature review, advanced reading and obtaining an inclusive and representative participant sample will also be required. Final article must be submitted to a journal and presented at a regional or national research conference. Students will also attempt to implement their research in an applied setting.
Prerequisites: PY 480 and consent

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