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What This Means to Me

Huntington University students came away from the 2023-2024 academic year with a lengthy list of accolades and accomplishments to their credit. But rather than having us tell you about them, we asked the Foresters themselves: What did this award mean to you?
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Meet Alexandria Froehlke

Words like “community” and “highly qualified” may describe HU’s doctoral program, but they also perfectly describe one of the program’s graduates: Alexandria Froehlke. A graduate of both the OTA and OTD programs in 2021 and 2024, respectively, she is the definition of the Forester traits of caring completely and embracing interconnectedness.
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There’s More?! What’s Up with All the Names?

Welcome back to the “What's Up with All the Names?” series! In the last post, you learned about the people behind the names of HU’s residence halls and academic buildings. In this post, you will learn about the names of HU’s athletic complexes and other named spaces on campus.
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What’s Up with All the Names?

Every college has specific names for its dining halls, residence halls, and sports complexes. You may have heard of Habecker Dining Commons or Roush Hall on HU’s home campus, but what do these names mean, and who are the people behind them? This post will be dedicated to residence halls and academic buildings, and the next post in the series will focus on the athletic complex and all named spaces at HU.
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A Content Creator’s Farewell

I have dreaded writing these words for a while, but it’s time: this is my last blog post for HU before I graduate on Saturday. Graduating means moving on to a career, further education, and a bright future, but it also means leaving behind close friends, memories, and my favorite campus job.
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Social Work in Action

HART is made to be client-based, intending not to get clients in trouble but rather to help them, a quality that stood out to Robrock. Other activities include providing resources for the unhoused population, mental health and addiction treatment training, and information on where to find sober living houses and treatment centers.
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Art and Design Seniors’ Farewell Exhibit

Before the Department of Art and Design seniors graduate with their fellow members of the Class of 2024, Huntington University wishes to celebrate their hard work with a dedicated exhibit to close out the 2023-2024 academic year. We have two seniors showcasing their work in the exhibit Pantone 2024.
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Music and Theatre Seniors’ Curtain Call

Congratulations to the music and theatre arts seniors from the graduating Class of 2024! We are thankful you chose Huntington University for your college career, and we have thoroughly enjoyed witnessing your musical and theatrical talents.
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Karyn Kamphausen: A Fellow Forester

Warm and bubbling with passion, Kamphausen enthusiastically told me about the joy she has in her new position: “This is a job I’ve always wanted to do since I graduated from Huntington,” she said with a smile. Kamphausen’s official role in the Center for Spiritual Formation is to foster the spiritual formation of students through day-to-day ministry programs.
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What Advice Could My Freshman Self Possibly Give Me?

At HU, you have the opportunity to grow and change in a safe environment. Growth requires looking back at the past and gaining inspiration to surpass your current comfort level. Luckily, your freshman self is one of your biggest fans and is rooting for your success.