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Walking Prayer

Often, I find myself praying in my head or under my breath, usually when a thought spontaneously arises or I just need to get the words out then and there. I do think it is important to find time when you can be still and pray without feeling rushed, but it feels nice to spontaneously pray throughout the day.
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The Importance of Prayer

Prayer focuses the heart and mind, and at Huntington University, our mission is to point to Jesus through our academic performance and service. Therefore, it would make sense that prayer is at the core of life at HU! While prayer occurs all over campus, here are three of the most impactful places where prayer happens.
Spiritual Life

Sharks Aren’t in Indiana….Right?

I have an irrational fear of sharks. Trust me, I know the facts, but I still can’t shake my fear because there is a big difference between knowing and believing. Sadly, head knowledge versus heart belief isn’t just directed at irrational fears.
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Movements of Uncertain Hands

Walking along my tapestry of decisions, I wonder what my final image will be once I run out of string. Unless my hands are snatched prematurely, I commit to an uncertain design.
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This Time. Right Here, Right Now.

I often assume Esther was completely willing to go before King Xerxes and had no fears at all. However, given the historical context, Esther would have been risking her life and stability to request to speak directly to the king, even though she was the queen. When she voiced her concerns to Mordecai, he reminded her of a fact that is still true today.
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New Visions for HU’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes

With full schedules and busy seasons, student-athletes can find it difficult to gather all sports teams together. However, once a month, Huntington University sets aside one hour for its 340 student-athletes to meet, fellowship, and learn more about integrating their faith into their various sporting activities through Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).
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Community Is Built at Floor Worship!

It’s a desire we all have, found deep within the human heart: to have a group of people who have your back, a circle of friends who can support, encourage, celebrate, and comfort you. Building community takes vulnerability and sacrifice. On the other side of intentional work, community provides accountability and close friendships
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From the Head of Joyful Noise

Professor Jay LeBlanc had already been a close family friend for years now. However, last chapel, I got curious about his involvement with Joyful Noise, Huntington University’s student worship band. So, this past week I asked Jay if I could informally interview him about his experience as head of Joyful Noise.
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Living Out Your Faith at HU

If you asked me four years ago if I thought going to a Christian university would push me to become stronger in my faith, I would have told you the choice was too safe. I had so many doubts, but this one was the loudest: If I was surrounded by like-minded people and consistent messages of faith, would I be prepared to live in the “real world” when I graduated?
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The Perks of Floor Worship

Looking back at last year, one of my regrets is that I did not participate much in floor worship. Luckily, I am only a sophomore with plenty of time to make up for what I missed and encourage others to do the same.