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Reflecting on My First Semester

Before the school year began, I was racked with uncertainty about the workload and how well I could keep up. Additionally, I wondered how I would manage to balance my schoolwork, social life, mental health, etc. Nevertheless, my first semester went surprisingly smoothly.
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Nothing But the Truth

Can I tell you the honest truth? Writing about the “chases truth” Forester trait is tricky, more difficult (for me at least) than many of the other Forester traits. I’ve been writing about the Spirit of a Forester for years, yet right now I’m carefully considering every word I write. And I think that’s a good thing. I wouldn’t want to handle the truth lightly.
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How to be creative…even when you aren’t.

Creativity is a part of the Forester identity. So where does that leave people who don’t consider themselves creative?
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A Swing and a Miss

Foresters defy complacency by understanding themselves and seeking opportunities to grow that fit who they are. They can defy complacency in whatever they do — in English essays, lab experiments, and even in softball games — without being perfect at everything. Instead, they cultivate a sense of self-awareness and meaningful growth.
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Couldn’t Care Less

Growing up in Ohio, I witnessed firsthand what is arguably the most significant source of Buckeye pride: the Ohio State University vs. University of Michigan football game. Public schools and church youth groups heralded the annual event with “wear your team colors” spirit days. Officially, it didn’t matter which team you represented, but the outnumbered Michigan fans took plenty of good-natured teasing.
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The Curious Case of Mrs. Lamont

I wouldn’t be able to describe Mrs. Lamont’s face to a sketch artist, yet her attitude toward learning made a lasting impression on me. When I think of “remaining curious,” I think of Mrs. Lamont. She is the first adult I can remember who liked learning things just for the sake of learning them — and she would tell you so.
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Grit in Boringness of Life

When I think about the word grit, I think about sand. Not the sparkling tropical beach variety. I picture the lake in the middle of Indiana kind of sand — mostly small rocks that aren’t quite smooth mixed with dirt and clay. Commonplace, and probably not pristine. If you walk through gritty sand like this, you’ll feel it dig into your flip-flops and come away with dusty traces on your feet.
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How a Liberal Arts Education Enhances Your Ministry

Earning your ministry degree from a liberal arts college also allows you to try new things within your field of interest. One semester you might work with a local youth group and help an established youth pastor. The next summer you might participate in an internship that allows you to lead worship or be responsible for children’s ministry. And the next year you might be able to teach a Sunday school class. These types of experiences give you great ministry perspective and allow you to learn from established leaders. Again, all helping you to shape your worldview!
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Nursing and the Nativity

At a Christian nursing school like Huntington University, nursing students learn all the practical knowledge and skills to be successful nurses and develop their emotional health to provide care with a servant’s heart. In a field like maternal and child health, nurses have abundant opportunity to connect with those in need. They can share their faith or simply serve the Lord by loving and caring for their patients.
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Student Spiritual Growth

The college years are so formative in a person’s life. Where you choose to invest your college years matters! During a time of rapid maturation, Huntington University provides an atmosphere that fosters growth. Not only spiritual growth, but also academic, emotional, and social growth.