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How Community Mental Health Benefits Our Community

Community mental health centers are an essential part of the overall mental health support available to the public. Sadly, they are often overlooked or given a negative perception based on their work alongside clients serving probation or their relationship with the Department of Child Services. Community health centers work hard to serve these populations well, but these organizations offer many other community benefits:
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Unlocking Your Friends & Family

Applying psychological insights to these questions can help students seeking a Christian psychology degree, or even those who take psych classes because they are interested in the subject matter, in their relationships with family and friends — and help them understand themselves better.
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6 Careers to Consider If You’re Interested in the Social Sciences

Majoring in Criminal Justice and Sociology provides a liberal arts education to students who wish to pursue a vocation in public service or in some part of the criminal justice system or related organizations while psychology offers an understanding of a wide variety of human behaviors and an appreciation of the concepts and methodology employed in the study of psychology.
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Counseling Practicums & Internships

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