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What Can You Do with a Nursing Degree?

If you ask a six-year-old what nurses do, their answer will probably be something like “they give shots” or “they wear scrubs.” Though both assumptions are true, nurses do so much more than that.
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My Favorite Class Project of 2022-2023

Despite aspiring to specialize in 2D character animation, I think the project I enjoyed most in 2022-2023 was all about animating text. The project was called “kinetic typography.” We had to take an audio clip and create subtitles that would appear and move to complement the dialogue.
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Forester Adventures: Summer 2023 Edition

We’ve received reports all summer about the amazing internships, missions trips, and adventures our returning Huntington University students undertook in the past few months. With summer winding down, now is the perfect time to recap some of those experiences.
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What’s Important: Major and Academics

Even if you aren’t sure what major you will choose, finding a school with the right academic culture can be one of your top priorities. In a school with a healthy academic culture, you will be set up for success regardless of the major you choose.
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The ABCs of the Class of 2022

As we heard back from the Class of 2022 about what they are doing now, we noticed an intriguing pattern: These Foresters have covered nearly every letter of the alphabet!
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What if I don’t know what I’m interested in?

In this “I am interested in…” series, we are exploring ways you can translate your interests into college majors. But what if you don’t know what you’re interested in? Never fear: We have a tool to help you narrow down your options.
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How I Joined “Meet Me in St. Louis”

If you’re on the edge about being in a show, I say go for it. Just make sure you’re willing to commit to it, but I promise you won’t regret it. This has become one of my best memories so far as a student at HU.
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My Story from StoryCon

Excitement. Curiosity. Nervousness.These were all emotions I felt attending my first StoryCon at Huntington University. Dr. Todd Martin, director of StoryCon, had hyped up the event and suggested I attend. As a newer English major, I felt like I would be the least knowledgeable person in the room and the least qualified to take part in the making and telling of stories. However, I was curious about the poetry workshop, and with a free lunch involved, I couldn’t say no. I apprehensively registered for StoryCon 2022, and looking back, I am so thankful I did.
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Two Simple Tips for Studying Smarter

Ever felt frustrated after an exam because you feel like you did poorly even though you studied so hard? It is not an uncommon feeling. What you (and even your teachers!) might not realize is that studying harder does not always increase your learning as much as you think it might. This is a place where psychology can be a game-changer!
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Do I really need to go to college?

The college decision is a big deal, and one that impacts your future significantly. The pressure to answer questions about a major and your future career could make you hesitant about college, but the truth is that college will bring more value to your life than simply preparing for a specific career, even if you remain undecided. What you learn goes far beyond the classroom.