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3 Must-See Events to Add to Your September Calendar

These three September events are only the beginning — we have an entire season of events lined up in the Merillat Centre for the Arts that you will want to see. Consider this your invitation to join us!
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I am interested in…technology.

If you are interested in technology, odds are you are someone who likes to know how stuff works. You want to see the code, the storyboard, or the blueprint that led to the awesome product — like the latest smart tech or video game — that others think is magic. You understand that technology is only as good as the great minds behind it and the creators who use it, the people who have put in hard work to bring the magic to life and use it to help, entertain, or inform the audience. You know there are real people pulling the strings behind the curtain.
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Building Upon a Creative Foundation: Occupational Therapy and 3D Printing

There are many distinctive and impactful possibilities an occupational therapy practitioner (OT) or OT student might consider for 3D printing projects. Whether in a clinical or academic setting, groundbreaking designs and modifications can benefit the clients we serve while cutting costs of expensive devices or medical equipment. Occupational therapy academic programs may consider a unique collaborative opportunity with clinical site partners to provide various types of adaptive equipment occupational therapists can supply to their clients.
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OTD Students Develop New Mobility Device

Huntington University's OTD students tackle innovation in class. Meet two students who saw a very clear need for individuals with mobility issues and they created a simple, effective tool to fix the problem.