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I Went on Adam Widener’s TV Adventure

In early November of 2023, my film-major friend asked if I would like to guest star in an upcoming episode of The Treehouse, a show on Huntington University’s YouTube channel. The following Tuesday, I ventured into the shrouded corner of campus known as the TV studio to be questioned by film students.
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New Visions for HU’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes

With full schedules and busy seasons, student-athletes can find it difficult to gather all sports teams together. However, once a month, Huntington University sets aside one hour for its 340 student-athletes to meet, fellowship, and learn more about integrating their faith into their various sporting activities through Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).
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Playing with Heart: HU’s Women’s Basketball Team

The cold winter months in Indiana mean one thing: it’s basketball season! Watching this team play is one of the most exciting parts of my year. Even one encounter with head coach Darby Maggard and her squad will reveal that the most inspiring part of this team is their culture, which is evident in everything they do and draws fans back for more.
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Community Is Built at Floor Worship!

It’s a desire we all have, found deep within the human heart: to have a group of people who have your back, a circle of friends who can support, encourage, celebrate, and comfort you. Building community takes vulnerability and sacrifice. On the other side of intentional work, community provides accountability and close friendships
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The Good Order on Campus

Did you know Huntington University has a student-led pre-law club? The group is called Eunomia and is perfect for students looking to work in the legal field. I got in touch with Dr. Jeffrey Webb, pre-law advisor and club faculty sponsor, and he told me a bit about the activities Eunomia has been and will be doing.
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Tuck Everlasting: The Musical

Winnie Foster has lived her whole life under the strict authority of her mom. According to Winnie, she isn’t allowed to have any fun even though she’s a good girl. One day, she decides to go into her woods for the first time. While in the woods, she meets the Tuck family. What Winnie doesn’t know is that the Tucks are immortal.
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I Tried Planning Without the Plan

Last year, a few students from the Department of Digital Media Arts (DMA) and I had this idea for a series of organized meetings where people could share art and concepts, receive feedback and suggestions, etc. Unfortunately, that idea sort of drifted to the back of the filing cabinet.
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Need Some Holiday Cheer? The MCA December Preview is Here!

As you finish your finals, turn in research papers, and submit internship hours, you want to experience a little holiday cheer on campus before you go home to celebrate with those closest to you. Check out the events that the Merillat Centre for the Arts (MCA) has planned for December.
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Coffee Cups Series: Coffee d’Vine

Making its home within HG Market on Vine, a home design and improvement business with a boutique offering home décor, clothing, and locally made products, Coffee d’Vine is perfect for the coffee (and non-coffee) drinkers who like to shop and browse while sipping on their drinks.
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I Took a Break from My Cubicle

I almost chose not to go. I had three unfinished projects and was nervous about cutting too close to the deadlines.