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Student Spiritual Growth

The college years are so formative in a person’s life. Where you choose to invest your college years matters! During a time of rapid maturation, Huntington University provides an atmosphere that fosters growth. Not only spiritual growth, but also academic, emotional, and social growth.
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Life as a Student-Athlete

Constantly exhausted. No time for homework, let alone a social life. Struggling silently with mental health issues.These are descriptions of the student-athlete life that I heard from family and friends when I committed to Huntington University to play women’s basketball. Naturally, I was nervous at the beginning of my freshman year. Now in the middle of my junior year, I can confidently say that my family and friends were misguided in their assumptions of the student-athlete life.
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Use This Timeline for Your College Search

What you need to plan for and expect during your college years.
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Get Involved

One of the best ways to feel like you belong in college is to get involved in the campus community through various clubs and groups. To help students find their place to belong, Huntington University hosts an event called HU Opportunities at the beginning of the academic year. During HU Opportunities, all the clubs and organizations on home campus have a chance to set up a booth and present themselves. This event gives students time to hear about programs that might interest them and learn how to get signed up.