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What Is Occupational Therapy?

We typically don’t think about our daily occupations until we have trouble doing them or can no longer do them at all. Occupational therapy addresses what is important to you and your goals throughout the rehabilitation process. It’s not about what the therapist feels is important for you to be able to do; it is all about what you want to achieve.
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What Can You Do with a Nursing Degree?

If you ask a six-year-old what nurses do, their answer will probably be something like “they give shots” or “they wear scrubs.” Though both assumptions are true, nurses do so much more than that.
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Forester Camps Firsthand - July 2023

Three science-focused camps featured hands-on lab experiences, field trips, and an introduction to college-level science study and college life. And this was only the beginning.
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In Her Own Words: Olivia Presnell

I think the most important lesson that I’ve learned is, perhaps, that when I work, I ought to work for the Lord and not for myself or a paycheck or those kinds of things. That’s the thing that every day just keeps me going. That’s the thing that continues to ground me.
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In Her Own Words: Kaylie Goldner

I knew that I liked medicine starting in middle school because I loved the science of it. But once I hit high school, that’s when it officially hit me. I just really loved the physiology of everything. That kind of started me on the path.
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In Her Own Words: Jeniece Regan

We’re looking at genome-wide association studies, when they look at your genome to figure out what variants you have there that are associated with a disease. My project looks at that in light of Alzheimer’s contexts to figure out what genetic variants might make people more prone to Alzheimer’s disease.
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In Her Own Words: Jaime Calvin

If it weren't for sports, I am not sure I would have even gone to college. If it wasn't for the education I gained at Huntington and the professors I had that pushed me to be better, I would have never made it to grad school.
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I am interested in…health care.

For those who are interested in health care, the right profession can be incredibly rewarding. By considering the curriculum you want to study, the type of care you want to offer, and the path you want to take to become a certified or licensed professional, you can narrow down your options to the major that will suit your interests, gifts, and goals the best.
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The Heart of a Nurse

Bedside nurses are the backbone of the health care network, and we need them now more than ever. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that from 2021-2031 there will be an average of about 203,200 job openings for registered nurses each year.
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Interested in nursing and missions?

Young adult Christians, regardless of their career path, often understand the importance of missions work, and many have the opportunity to serve through short-term missions trips across the world long before they reach college. Others hope that missions will be their full-time work after they graduate from college. There are many great opportunities for nurses, particularly, to serve in missions abroad with the skills they learned in the lab and at work.