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Questions to Ask Your Potential OTA Program

As you narrow down your list of potential occupational therapy assistant (OTA) programs, be sure to take advantage of opportunities to talk to program faculty, students, and alumni. While a webpage or brochure can give you lots of great program details, there’s nothing quite like getting the an inside perspective directly from the source.
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Tips for Your Occupational Therapy Application Journey

Beginning the application process can be daunting. The best overall strategy is to navigate the process one step at a time.
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So You Want to Have a Career Helping People Get or Stay Healthy

Today, landing a job in the healthcare industry might be easier than ever. Jobs for occupational therapy assistants, for example, are expected to increase by 34% from 2020-2030, a rate that is much faster than average.
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The Graveyard Shift

The overnight shift is almost its own pillar in the world of nursing, beloved by some and loathed by others. Here are four tips on surviving (and thriving) when it’s your turn to work the graveyard shift.
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A Bachelor’s Degree in Biology Opens Career Doors

Biologists can specialize in a variety of fields, but a commonality between them is that they typically enjoy taking a closer look at the life forms around us — like animals, plants, or the human body — and how they function, by themselves and as part of a larger system. As a biology student, you will study biological systems responsible for energy flow and diversity of life.
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OTD Students Develop New Mobility Device

Huntington University's OTD students tackle innovation in class. Meet two students who saw a very clear need for individuals with mobility issues and they created a simple, effective tool to fix the problem.