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Head Coverings and Wide-Brimmed Hats

Taught by Dr. Kevin Miller, Intercultural Communications is a course designed to push students out of their comfort zones and educate them on how to respectfully and effectively communicate. But why just read about how to communicate with cultures when there are so many opportunities in the Huntington and Fort Wayne area to experience them?
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A Content Creator’s Farewell

I have dreaded writing these words for a while, but it’s time: this is my last blog post for HU before I graduate on Saturday. Graduating means moving on to a career, further education, and a bright future, but it also means leaving behind close friends, memories, and my favorite campus job.
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Forester Camp: StoryCon 2024

Calling all writers, readers, and creators! Consider this an official invitation from the Department of English at Huntington University to sign up for StoryCon 2024. Whether you enjoy writing, telling, or hearing stories, each form is important.
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Student Employment Spotlight: What I Do in Livingston Hall

There are several offices operating out of the lower level of Livingston Hall. I belong to the content creation team in the Office of University Relations. The job of content creator obviously involves — well — creating content. However, the position is also content researching, editing, and archiving.
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Four Career Routes for Communication Majors to Explore

Anyone working to earn a bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, or public relations has the opportunity to work alongside almost any field. Every business, every speaker needs a way to reach the public.
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I am interested in…content creation or performance.

Picture yourself as a content creator or performer sometime in the not-too-distant future. A time when you can see your own name written alongside the content creators and performers you currently admire.
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My Story from StoryCon

Excitement. Curiosity. Nervousness.These were all emotions I felt attending my first StoryCon at Huntington University. Dr. Todd Martin, director of StoryCon, had hyped up the event and suggested I attend. As a newer English major, I felt like I would be the least knowledgeable person in the room and the least qualified to take part in the making and telling of stories. However, I was curious about the poetry workshop, and with a free lunch involved, I couldn’t say no. I apprehensively registered for StoryCon 2022, and looking back, I am so thankful I did.
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Three Traits of a Journalist, Per Nathan the Prophet

If you have the traits of a good journalist, I invite you to come and major in journalism at Huntington University. We’ll give you the same training and education we gave Shelly Bradbury, one of our journalism graduates. When in our department, she wrote and edited stories for our campus newspaper — just as students are doing even now online (take a look). After a year of Bradbury’s first stint as a newspaper reporter, she emailed us to say that her “editors seem to agree that writing is one of my strengths, and I've got to guess that's in part because of the classes…where we scrutinized each and every word.” (We make our students true wordsmiths!)
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Authentic Storytelling at HU

As someone who writes frequently, I have storytelling skills that I think can be useful in learning more about someone’s authentic life story and how God, their Author, is writing through them. With the stage of life that most students are in, a simple way to learn more about someone is to ask about their major. To get a person’s full, meaningful story, consider using some of these questions or refining some of the questions you may have asked in the past.
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7 Ways to Serve with TESOL

Learning a new language is a difficult challenge for many people. When someone moves to a new culture with a new language, this challenge impacts every area of life. The ability, or inability to effectively communicate, affects how we learn, work, shop, socialize, and so much more. How broadly language and communication is ingrained in our lives also appears in the various ways you can serve with TESOL training. You can work in a variety of settings and all over the world. Anywhere people are trying to learn English as a secondary means of communication.