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An Excuse for Today

Look for anything, even the tiniest excuse, to thank God for today. Even though I despise winter, I must acknowledge the snow looks beautiful, plus once I am used to the cold, spring will feel warmer. I may be tired and unenthusiastic to attend a morning class, but there is something serene about campus at dawn which I would have missed if I slept in.
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Undecided? HU’s Got You.

Huntington University offers over 70 academic pathways for students to embark on. With so many options, incoming students may feel outside pressure to choose a major without actually wanting to pursue a career in that field. Entering HU as an undecided major can feel scary, but don’t be afraid to enter HU undecided!
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This Time. Right Here, Right Now.

I often assume Esther was completely willing to go before King Xerxes and had no fears at all. However, given the historical context, Esther would have been risking her life and stability to request to speak directly to the king, even though she was the queen. When she voiced her concerns to Mordecai, he reminded her of a fact that is still true today.
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Community Is Built at Floor Worship!

It’s a desire we all have, found deep within the human heart: to have a group of people who have your back, a circle of friends who can support, encourage, celebrate, and comfort you. Building community takes vulnerability and sacrifice. On the other side of intentional work, community provides accountability and close friendships
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Who’s Ready for Registration?

With a long list of classes, potential scheduling conflicts, numerous course requirements, internship hours, and clinicals, registering for classes can be overwhelming. Thankfully, as always, Huntington University is here to help you in each stage of life, including registering for next semester!
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Chicken Noodle Soup for the Anxious Senior’s Soul

The recipe for peace is made of ingredients that are available to you at HU, and the best part is this recipe doesn’t have to be for seniors only! After you complete this recipe, share it with someone whom you think could use it.
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The Perks of Floor Worship

Looking back at last year, one of my regrets is that I did not participate much in floor worship. Luckily, I am only a sophomore with plenty of time to make up for what I missed and encourage others to do the same.
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More Than a Credit: My Spiritual Life Experience

With the busyness of classes, internships, practices, and social lives, the individual importance of each spiritual life experience is sometimes lost. We tend to turn these meaningful times of worship into a 45-minute period of waiting for a QR code. Drawing from my personal experience at a chapel service, I hope that you can see the invaluable impact that spiritual life events can have in your life if you are attentive and have an open heart.
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What Advice Could My Freshman Self Possibly Give Me?

At HU, you have the opportunity to grow and change in a safe environment. Growth requires looking back at the past and gaining inspiration to surpass your current comfort level. Luckily, your freshman self is one of your biggest fans and is rooting for your success.
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Advice to My Freshman Self

I remember feeling like I had to appear “put together” when I began college. The academic course load? No problem. Making new friends and fitting in on a new basketball team? I got this. Thankfully, I have learned that being genuine is far better in the long run than pretending.