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What Can You Do with an Art & Design Degree?

Art is more than making nice things to put on display. Artists are involved in commerce, manufacturing, architecture, and more. Here are some brief descriptions of jobs you can get with a degree in art and design.
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The Good Order on Campus

Did you know Huntington University has a student-led pre-law club? The group is called Eunomia and is perfect for students looking to work in the legal field. I got in touch with Dr. Jeffrey Webb, pre-law advisor and club faculty sponsor, and he told me a bit about the activities Eunomia has been and will be doing.
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The Quest Against the Weeds

Taking this opportunity has given me so much positive learning with hands-on experience, and I am forever grateful to be able to have this opportunity to learn while helping the long-term future of the conservation of our land. It meant a lot to me, personally, and I hope I can be able to contribute more in the future towards practices like my internship.
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Certified Leadership Potential

Investing in the executive coaching and leadership potential among the employees at your business or organization can have ripple effects that benefit your entire workplace culture. Consider the following example from Sara Yarian, who participated in Huntington University’s Executive Coaching and Leadership Certificate program.
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Four Career Routes for Communication Majors to Explore

Anyone working to earn a bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, or public relations has the opportunity to work alongside almost any field. Every business, every speaker needs a way to reach the public.
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Chicken Noodle Soup for the Anxious Senior’s Soul

The recipe for peace is made of ingredients that are available to you at HU, and the best part is this recipe doesn’t have to be for seniors only! After you complete this recipe, share it with someone whom you think could use it.
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What Is Occupational Therapy?

We typically don’t think about our daily occupations until we have trouble doing them or can no longer do them at all. Occupational therapy addresses what is important to you and your goals throughout the rehabilitation process. It’s not about what the therapist feels is important for you to be able to do; it is all about what you want to achieve.
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What Can You Do with a Nursing Degree?

If you ask a six-year-old what nurses do, their answer will probably be something like “they give shots” or “they wear scrubs.” Though both assumptions are true, nurses do so much more than that.
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Forester Camps Firsthand - July 2023

Three science-focused camps featured hands-on lab experiences, field trips, and an introduction to college-level science study and college life. And this was only the beginning.
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3 Themes from the School of the Arts Academies

Students experienced firsthand what it is like to be a professional storyteller, producing portfolio-worthy projects with professional equipment and engaging with a community of artists and storytellers. For many, the Academies confirmed their interest in the arts.