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Social Work in Action

HART is made to be client-based, intending not to get clients in trouble but rather to help them, a quality that stood out to Robrock. Other activities include providing resources for the unhoused population, mental health and addiction treatment training, and information on where to find sober living houses and treatment centers.
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Business Courses Helpful to Non-Business Majors

No matter what career path you plan to pursue, business will be involved, and you will have financial responsibilities. Having a solid understanding of these could help a lot in the future. So, here is a list of business and finance courses that might come in handy and have no prerequisites.
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Student Experience: HU’s Department of Education

For anyone who thinks the role of an educator is easy, try to be a substitute teacher in a kindergarten classroom for a day. Education of any age is not for the weak. Thankfully, if you are passionate about education and developing the minds of the next generation, the Huntington University Department of Education is fully equipped to prepare you for teaching.
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Student Experience: Applying to the Department of Education

For those who are interested in HU’s Department of Education, a part of being an education major is applying to the department as a sophomore. It is part of the process of earning your education degree, and there are four components of applying to the department.
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A Brief Guide to Our Minor Programs

Adding a minor is a fantastic way to diversify your skillset and attract the attention of potential employers. With so many options, it can be difficult to decide what to minor in. So, here are brief summaries for programs offered as minors at Huntington University.
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Nurses Unite with HU’s Nursing Student Council

One of the ways HU’s Department of Nursing fosters education and involvement is through the Nursing Student Council (NSC). The purpose of NSC is to facilitate communication between students, faculty, and administration to better promote awareness of health-related topics on HU’s campus and in the community.
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Gratitude for the Healers

Occupational therapy practitioners do more than just fix problems. They help their clients minimize and prevent health problems in the long term.
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Undecided? HU’s Got You.

Huntington University offers over 70 academic pathways for students to embark on. With so many options, incoming students may feel outside pressure to choose a major without actually wanting to pursue a career in that field. Entering HU as an undecided major can feel scary, but don’t be afraid to enter HU undecided!
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Student Employment Spotlight: What I Do in Livingston Hall

There are several offices operating out of the lower level of Livingston Hall. I belong to the content creation team in the Office of University Relations. The job of content creator obviously involves — well — creating content. However, the position is also content researching, editing, and archiving.
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What Can You Do with an Art & Design Degree?

Art is more than making nice things to put on display. Artists are involved in commerce, manufacturing, architecture, and more. Here are some brief descriptions of jobs you can get with a degree in art and design.