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Playing with Heart: HU’s Women’s Basketball Team

The cold winter months in Indiana mean one thing: it’s basketball season! Watching this team play is one of the most exciting parts of my year. Even one encounter with head coach Darby Maggard and her squad will reveal that the most inspiring part of this team is their culture, which is evident in everything they do and draws fans back for more.
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What Can I Do on the Weekends? HU Volleyball Has an Answer.

Saturday mornings for college students typically involve sleeping in, watching Netflix, or going out to brunch with friends. I attended a volleyball match this past Saturday, and I can confidently say I will be returning for more. Huntington University’s volleyball program is high energy, and they invite their fans to join them in the fun.
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In Her Own Words: Jaime Calvin

If it weren't for sports, I am not sure I would have even gone to college. If it wasn't for the education I gained at Huntington and the professors I had that pushed me to be better, I would have never made it to grad school.
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Life as a Student-Athlete

Constantly exhausted. No time for homework, let alone a social life. Struggling silently with mental health issues.These are descriptions of the student-athlete life that I heard from family and friends when I committed to Huntington University to play women’s basketball. Naturally, I was nervous at the beginning of my freshman year. Now in the middle of my junior year, I can confidently say that my family and friends were misguided in their assumptions of the student-athlete life.