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Social Work in Action

HART is made to be client-based, intending not to get clients in trouble but rather to help them, a quality that stood out to Robrock. Other activities include providing resources for the unhoused population, mental health and addiction treatment training, and information on where to find sober living houses and treatment centers.
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10 Reasons to Get Your BSW at Huntington University

Huntington University’s mission is to honor Christ in scholarship and service. If you earn your bachelor’s degree in social work, you will be completing that mission by advocating for hurting people with compassion and love. Here are the top ten reasons why you should earn your Bachelor of Social Work degree at HU.
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Two Simple Tips for Studying Smarter

Ever felt frustrated after an exam because you feel like you did poorly even though you studied so hard? It is not an uncommon feeling. What you (and even your teachers!) might not realize is that studying harder does not always increase your learning as much as you think it might. This is a place where psychology can be a game-changer!
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A Tip From the Psychology Department: Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions. At Huntington University, we like to push beyond given information and challenge our minds to think about other options. In doing this, we develop our minds to think critically. This brain function is used often in the Department of Psychology. Need an example that you can’t believe every headline you read?
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Unlocking Your Friends & Family

Applying psychological insights to these questions can help students seeking a Christian psychology degree, or even those who take psych classes because they are interested in the subject matter, in their relationships with family and friends — and help them understand themselves better.
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6 Careers to Consider If You’re Interested in the Social Sciences

Majoring in Criminal Justice and Sociology provides a liberal arts education to students who wish to pursue a vocation in public service or in some part of the criminal justice system or related organizations while psychology offers an understanding of a wide variety of human behaviors and an appreciation of the concepts and methodology employed in the study of psychology.