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Executive Coaching and Leadership Certificate Program: A Student’s Perspective

I am learning to be curious. Curiosity begins by asking questions. It creates in our minds an opportunity to look for an answer. It opens up creativity, discovery, and contemplation. As the coach, I don’t have to have all the answers. I help the coachee explore other ideas by asking questions, and it allows the coachee to respond where there is no wrong answer because it is their answer.
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7 Ways to Serve with TESOL

Learning a new language is a difficult challenge for many people. When someone moves to a new culture with a new language, this challenge impacts every area of life. The ability, or inability to effectively communicate, affects how we learn, work, shop, socialize, and so much more. How broadly language and communication is ingrained in our lives also appears in the various ways you can serve with TESOL training. You can work in a variety of settings and all over the world. Anywhere people are trying to learn English as a secondary means of communication.
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Credit for Prior Learning

So, what is Credit for Prior Learning? Credit for Prior Learning, also known as Prior Learning Assessment, involves a college/university evaluating and formally recognizing the learning that has occurred outside of a classroom setting. The information is used to grant college credit towards the completion of a degree. Some of the typical sources of prior learning are
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Lessons in Leadership Coaching

Getting involved in the coaching program at Huntington University can help you grow as a leader and provide skills to enhance your leadership. You will learn how to supervise adequately and empower staff. This program inspires people to have lasting growth. Begin earning your Coaching Certificate with Huntington University today.
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Myths About Online Education

The primary reason many people consider an online degree is convenience. While it is true that online degrees are convenient, it is not easy to juggle family, work, and education, even if the commitment is only one night per week. That’s why careful planning and consideration are essential before you start an online program (or any academic program).
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How to Prepare for Your Online Program

Beginning an online degree program is a significant investment of time and energy. It is critical that you begin planning now for the journey to ensure you complete your degree on time and on budget. Here are some tips to consider before you begin classes.
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TESOL, TENL, TEFL…Which one is right for me?

For those who are interested in teaching English as a new language or teaching English learners, the path to a certification, licensing, or degree program can be fraught with a multitude of acronyms that lead to many questions: Do I need a TESOL or TEFL certificate? Or is it TENL? Some universities call it TESOL and some call in TENL…what’s the difference? My school has an ESL program, so what degree do I need to teach there?
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6 Reasons to Pursue Your MBA

Many people put off earning a graduate business degree because they are unsure of the tangible benefits it will have for their career. There are many great certifications and non-academic resources in the market today. However, an old-fashioned Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree still meets a critical need in your career development. Here are just a few ways earning an MBA can advance your career.
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4 Benefits of an International Coaching Federation Credential

Consulting services are a major industry in the United States and around the world. According to the Statista Research Department, the global consulting industry was worth approximately 132 billion dollars in 2020. If those seeking consulting services are willing to invest that much in hiring consultants, they want (and need) to know they are hiring a consultant or consulting firm that is worthwhile. Similarly, in the competitive consulting services market, it is critical that consultants define and verify set standards that will guide their work.
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HyFlex Advantages

The HyFlex course model is not new, but as more universities and students become comfortable with multiple learning modalities, it is becoming increasingly popular. This ultra-flexible format allows you to attend class face-to-face, join class live via video from anywhere, or complete work asynchronously on a weekly schedule. That choice is then extended to how you attend class on a week-to-week or course-to-course basis.