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Local Favorites

Campus in Summertime

For many American college students used to the idea that their teachers in elementary, middle, and high school were also not at school during summer vacation, the fact that a university employee like me works during the summer months can come as a surprise.
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Be a Walker (literally!)

After my classes and internship, I like to grab my water bottle and walk on the sidewalk that surrounds campus. Students call this sidewalk the Campus Loop. Huntington University has a gorgeous campus, and my favorite season at HU is spring.
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Playing with Heart: HU’s Women’s Basketball Team

The cold winter months in Indiana mean one thing: it’s basketball season! Watching this team play is one of the most exciting parts of my year. Even one encounter with head coach Darby Maggard and her squad will reveal that the most inspiring part of this team is their culture, which is evident in everything they do and draws fans back for more.
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Need Some Holiday Cheer? The MCA December Preview is Here!

As you finish your finals, turn in research papers, and submit internship hours, you want to experience a little holiday cheer on campus before you go home to celebrate with those closest to you. Check out the events that the Merillat Centre for the Arts (MCA) has planned for December.
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Coffee Cups Series: Coffee d’Vine

Making its home within HG Market on Vine, a home design and improvement business with a boutique offering home décor, clothing, and locally made products, Coffee d’Vine is perfect for the coffee (and non-coffee) drinkers who like to shop and browse while sipping on their drinks.
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Coffee Cups Series: Cafe of Hope

Nestled within the building of Life Church, Cafe of Hope is a popular spot for HU students. Created by Life Church to connect with the Huntington community and help people take their next steps towards Jesus, this coffee shop has an incredibly welcoming and loving environment.
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Coffee Cups Series: JJ Java

The first stop in our coffee cup series is connected to the local JJ’s gas station and is one of HU students’ most loved coffee shops: JJ Java. Affectionately known as JJ’s, this coffee shop serves a variety of drinks, such as coffee, tea, smoothies, and juice.