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Business Courses Helpful to Non-Business Majors

No matter what career path you plan to pursue, business will be involved, and you will have financial responsibilities. Having a solid understanding of these could help a lot in the future. So, here is a list of business and finance courses that might come in handy and have no prerequisites.
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I am interested in…business.

In this “I am interested in…” series, we are exploring ways you can translate your interests into college majors. When you are narrowing down your options for a business major, remember that double-majoring is also a possibility. You do not have to limit yourself to one path — in fact, a combination of multiple majors is often an asset in business.
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Doing Business: Careers to Consider

A business degree offers coursework to enable students to meet the challenges of the economic environment and to be leaders in business and related fields. Here are some common careers available to a business major...
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4 Benefits of an International Coaching Federation Credential

Consulting services are a major industry in the United States and around the world. According to the Statista Research Department, the global consulting industry was worth approximately 132 billion dollars in 2020. If those seeking consulting services are willing to invest that much in hiring consultants, they want (and need) to know they are hiring a consultant or consulting firm that is worthwhile. Similarly, in the competitive consulting services market, it is critical that consultants define and verify set standards that will guide their work.
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9 Career Options for Accounting Majors to Explore

Earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting is the starting place for a variety of job titles — and there are many options out there! As you contemplate where your career could take you, try taking a look at these nine accounting-related job options.
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HyFlex Advantages

The HyFlex course model is not new, but as more universities and students become comfortable with multiple learning modalities, it is becoming increasingly popular. This ultra-flexible format allows you to attend class face-to-face, join class live via video from anywhere, or complete work asynchronously on a weekly schedule. That choice is then extended to how you attend class on a week-to-week or course-to-course basis.
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Earning Your MBA at Huntington University

Earning Your MBA at Huntington University... an alumni experience.